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Learn About Board Portals At The NWCUCA Conference This Fall

This October, the NWCUCA Conference is being held in Spokane, Washington, and representatives from credit unions from across the North West will attend. In addition to compelling speakers and networking events, there will be talks on some of the biggest issues facing credit unions today. Some of the most eagerly anticipated subjects to be tackled at this year’s NWCUCA Conference include:

  • New approaches to growth, a discussion of proactive mergers
  • Reaching non-members and growing membership bases at a time when younger consumers are closely aligned with the values of credit unions.
  • New legal issues facing credit unions and how your organization can adopt, including balancing regulation with FinTech innovations, from a panel of state and federal regulators
  • How Aprio, which will be in attendance at the NWCUCA Conference, there are three key differentiators to look for in board management software:

    • Security: Security is often the number one concern of credit union boards when looking for board management software. When you’re dealing with your members’ financial information, you can’t afford to expose sensitive data.
    • Support: 24/7 live customer support is a must-have from your board management software provider. Directors can be anywhere in the world when they need support using board management software. In addition to customer support, comprehensive training offered by vendors like Aprio helps directors adopt new technology.
    • Pricing: Several years ago, when boarding management software was relatively new and credit unions were beginning to adopt it, you couldn’t find the high level of security you needed as a financial institution without paying high prices for it. That’s changed, in many ways, thanks to vendors like Aprio that provide top-notch security solutions at prices credit unions and not-for-profits can afford. If your licensing agreement with your current board management software provider is set to expire this year, it may be a good chance to re-evaluate, as you can now get the security you need at a more affordable price. RELATED ARTICLES :
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    The NWCUCA Conference promises a wealth of credit union executives and directors opportunities to improve their organizations, reach new markets, and rethink their security software. Attend the panels, talk to the vendors, network with other credit union professionals in the North West, and make sure you don’t miss out on the fun side of things, from the introductory bowling event to the Bacon, Bagels, and Booze breakfast.

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