The Top 10 Health Myths Finally Exposed!


Only four hundred years ago, it turned into believing that the sun revolved around the Earth.

It became best within the late 19th century that the barbaric exercise of bloodletting (and as soon as believed ‘remedy all’ of ailment) was subsequently abandoned.

Thanks to advances in technology and medicine, discoveries were made that have reshaped vintage paradigms and changed our way of questioning.

Therefore, we’d count on that during this current age of technology, medication, and era, a properly installed consensus of health information would exist… Sadly that is NOT the case.

In fact, several cutting-edge health suggestions are causing a boom in health troubles. Several leading fitness researchers point to the truth that those tips are often driven by using certain industries who’ve vested pursuits, specifically profits, at stake.

As a former scholar of natural treatments and having now been involved within the health & fitness industry for over 17 years, it’s miles my goal to shed a few mild on 10 of the most, not unusual, health myths – as debatable as they may. Be!

The Top 10 Health Myths are as follows:

  • Myth 1: Your genetics determine whether or not you will get most cancers
  • Myth 2: For desirable health, follow the tips of the food pyramid
  • Myth 3: The sun causes pores and skin cancer
  • Myth 4: People are overweight because they have gradual metabolisms
  • Myth 5: Cows milk is a good supply of calcium and builds strong bones
  • Myth 6: Eggs are high in cholesterol and have to, therefore, be avoided
  • Myth 7: Margarine is a better desire than butter
  • Myth 8: Artificial sweeteners are a terrific alternative to sugar
  • Myth 9: You should eat a low-fat food regimen
  • Myth 10: I ought to drink pink wine as it’s endorsed utilizing my medical doctor for good coronary heart fitness

Let’s address those one at a time…

Myth 1: Your genetics decide whether you may get most cancers.

Fact: Your LIFESTYLE is the unmarried most determining thing, now not your genes!

Just because your dad or mum died from cancer doesn’t mean you need to suffer an equal destiny. It all comes down to lifestyle alternatives.

Unhealthy weight-reduction plans, lack of exercise, and negative way of life alternatives play a chief role in improving many illnesses, including cancer.

Dr. Rachel Thompson, science program manager for the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), dispels this commonplace fantasy. She conservatively estimates that lack of exercise and being obese causes 3 times as many cancer cases as genetics.

According to her, the proof shows that 39 in line with a cent of the most not unusual cancers, including breast and bowel, may be avoided thru an amazing eating regimen, exercising, and keeping weight underneath manage.

“It’s crucial to dispel the parable that most cancers are down to genes,” says Thompson. “The proof indicates that a dangerous diet and low pastime tiers purpose three more cancer instances than genes. If people do have family records, this is vital data for them individually, but ordinary inherited genetic predisposition is unusual. In fact, those who’ve inherited genes need to pay even closer interest in their lifestyle as there is probably nevertheless a lot they can do to reduce their chance.

“It is clear that choosing a healthful food plan and being extra physically lively are critical methods to help prevent many cancers,” she delivered.

Furthermore, an examination performed in 2005 utilizing Dean Ornish and associates at the University of California, San Francisco, US, examined the effects of a dramatic way of life change on gene expression in 30 guys with prostate most cancers.

Biopsies were taken before, and after 3 months of healthy ingesting, moderate exercising, pressure control, and psychotherapy showed a full-size exchange inside the expression of loads of genes. Healthy eating and workout turned essential genes on and off.

Many, including several genes concerned with tumor formation, had been down-regulated or much less energetic. Others, such as some ailment-combating genes, have been more lively.

Not handiest do those consequences show that fine lifestyle modifications can slow the thecancerogression the outcomes will also be enormous for most cancer prevention.

Conclusion: Many people accept as true that inherited genes or actually terrible good fortune are the only elements in cancer improvement, and it’s time this fantasy was laid to relaxation.

Myth 2: For proper health, observe the recommendations of the food pyramid.

Fact: Following the tips of the meals pyramid is awful for your fitness!

The original 1992 U.S.D.A. Food pyramid was based on the identical guidelines and ratios for fattening farm animals and different livestock!

According to Harvard Scientist Dr. Walter Willett, the unique food pyramid changed into prompted with the aid of meal industries in place of valid clinical studies. He additionally states that the food pyramid is “extraordinarily misleading and incorrect.”

For instance, blanket guidelines are made to make each one fat awful, and all carbohydrates are the same. That’s truly no longer proper.

Moreover, the authentic food pyramid advocates consuming 6-11 servings of carbohydrates consistent with the day. Therefore it is hardly unexpected that we’ve got such excessive fees for kind 2 grown-up onset diabetes and obesity.

Recommendations regarding exercise, alcohol consumption, and the importance of culmination and vegetables are conspicuously lacking.

The New ‘Longevity’ Pyramid!

Dr. Mitra Ray, writer of ‘From Here to Longevity, ‘ advocates a brand new meals pyramid primarily based on sound health principles. This new food pyramid has a basis of five-10 servings of non-starchy veggies. The subsequent tier is meat, fish, fowl 2-three servings, lentils, beans, uncooked nuts, or seeds comprising 1 serving. The subsequent level is a fruit, 2-4 servings, and the top-level (or least quantity) is whole grains, bread, and cereals with a maximum of two servings per day.

Myth 3: The sun reasons pores and skin most cancers.

Fact: The body wishes sunlight! Regular publicity to sunlight can lessen the prevalence of most cancers with the aid of as much as 60%

Unfortunately, many nicely intentioned medical doctors and dermatologists propagate the perception that the sun causes most cancers when in reality, the alternative is real.

For instance, much research demonstrates that people who live in sunnier, southern latitudes and who have higher education stages (due to their extended solar publicity) are tons less likely to die from any cancer than human beings in northern latitudes.

There is also sturdy evidence that daylight protects against MS and breast most cancers.

Contrary to what you could have heard, appropriate solar exposure surely helps save you the fatal form of skin most cancers, melanoma. In reality, rates of cancer have been determined to lower with extrasolar exposure. Melanoma is greater common in indoor employees than outside people, and cancer more normally appears on regions of the frame that are NOT uncovered to the sun.

To lessen our risk of developing cancer, we need to make certain we have ordinary sun exposure to hold diet D at the most appropriate ranges.

Recommendation: Try to attain 10-15 minutes of sun publicity in keeping with the day. Cover up with apparel to prevent sunburn, and make certain to avoid using commercial sunscreens as these include poisonous chemicals related to skin most cancers & melanoma (fantastic however proper) AND they block the absorption of diet D. If you have to use sunscreen, use a herbal, chemical-free opportunity.

Myth 4: People are obese due to the fact they have got gradual metabolisms.

  • Fact: Only a tiny percent of people have gradual metabolisms.

It’s a common complaint. However, studies show you can’t use a gradual metabolism as an explanation for weight advantage.

In reality, the latest research has found out that obese human beings truly have quicker metabolisms and burn off greater power than their lighter counterparts.

Your body composition, specifically your lean muscle tissues, determines your basal metabolic fee (BMR) or the quantity of energy you burn at rest.

The greater lean muscle you’ve got, the greater energy you burn, and those who are obese usually have an accelerated metabolic fee because they have got more muscle and fat.

This is why guys – who typically have greater lean muscle than women – tend to lose weight faster and benefit it more slowly. It’s additionally why professionals endorse strength training to construct muscle mass. BMR is likewise stricken by how many you work out. All physical activity, now not just strenuous activity, will increase the variety of calories you burn.

There IS one of this element as slow metabolism, but it’s very uncommon.

If you are involved that you have a slow metabolism, seek advice from your fitness expert. Your fitness professional may advise a look at calculating your BMR or resting energy expenditure. Medical situations that can lower BMR or modify your muscle-to-fat ratio encompass hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome.

The bottom line is that most obese or obese individuals do not get that way because of a gradual metabolism. They get that manner because they consume too many calories and do not work out enough.

Myth 5: Cows milk is a great supply of calcium and builds strong bones.

Fact: Cows milk is not designed for human consumption. We are the only species in the world to drink every other species of milk… Cow’s milk is for cows!

People who’ve grown up believing that cow’s milk is great for you, that it’s far a super source of calcium and produces strong bones, are in for a shock! In reality, many outstanding scientific docs are actually announcing dairy consumption is a contributing thing in almost a dozen diseases of kids and adults.

Our “dietary education” in school (funded in component using the dairy industry) taught us that dairy merchandise is one of the 4 basic food companies we all need for proper nutrients. As a result, dairy merchandise became a well-entrenched and essential staple of presidency-subsidized faculty lunch applications.

Cow’s milk can result in iron deficiency anemia, allergic reactions, diarrhea, coronary heart sickness, colic, cramps, gastrointestinal bleeding, sinusitis, skin rashes, acne, accelerated frequency of colds and flu, arthritis, diabetes, ear infections, osteoporosis, asthma, autoimmune sicknesses, and extra, probably even lung cancer, a couple of scleroses and on Hodgkin’s lymphoma…

And what approximately the claim that milk is an incredible source of calcium?

Ounce for ounce, a single head of broccoli has greater calcium than a pitcher of cow’s milk. However, even extra critical is the locating that the type of calcium located in green veggies is higher absorbed and does not leach from the bones… Unlike excessive protein-containing dairy products.

In short, good enough amounts of inexperienced greens are many higher resources of calcium than milk and cheese.

Myth 6: Eggs are excessive in cholesterol and have to, therefore, be avoided.

Fact: You can eat 1 or 2 entire eggs in step with day and now not be concerned approximately expanded cholesterol.

There has been a considerable notion that eggs are horrific in your coronary heart, but eating entire eggs on each day foundation can also show maintaining several fitness blessings, consisting of a reduced hazard of coronary heart disorder!

Research showed that, in healthy adults, eating eggs every day no longer produces a boom in cholesterol levels or constitutes an accelerated cardiac threat.

While it is proper that egg yolks include LDL cholesterol (of which the body requires a positive quantity), we must no longer anticipate that ingesting nutritional cholesterol will yield a boom in blood LDL cholesterol. Therein lies the confusion. There is NO correlation between dietary LDL cholesterol and serum (blood) levels of cholesterol.

So pass beforehand, devour and egg or according to day (ideally the natural, free variety range) and enjoy the healthy heart advantages.

Myth 7: Margarine is a higher preference than butter.

Fact: Avoid margarine in any respect costs. And that includes the so-referred to as healthy olive oil-based margarine. Butter is better!

Despite unjustified warnings approximately saturated fats, the listing of butter’s advantages is certainly marvelous. Butter is a rich source of nutrients A, D, E, and K and hint minerals and fatty acids vital for several healthy physical capabilities.

Standing in direct competition to those healthy qualities stands margarine and assorted ‘vegetable oil’ spreads.’ While those may be inexpensive, chances are you would by no means devour them again if you knew how they were made!

Margarine is crafted from diverse vegetable oils that have been heated to extraordinarily excessive temperatures. This guarantees the oils grow to be rancid. After that, a nickel catalyst is brought to solidify it at the side of hydrogen atoms. Nickel is a toxic heavy metal, and small amounts continually stay within the completed product. Finally, deodorants and colorings are introduced to put off margarine’s terrible odor (from the rancid oils) and unappetizing gray color.

In the solidification technique, harmful carcinogenic trans-fatty acids are created. Ask your self, might you, as a substitute, have healthy meals with healthful traits? Or a stick of carcinogenic, bleached, and deodorized slop.

Given the selection, pick butter!

Myth 8: Artificial sweeteners are an awesome alternative to sugar

Artificial Sweeteners are tremendously toxic to the frame!

Aspartame (often labeled as ‘phenylalanine’) and marketed under NutraSweet, Splenda and Equal, is related to a large number of fitness and neurological issues, including fibromyalgia, lupus, Alzheimer’s, and MS.

Often described as a silent killer, signs of aspartame toxicity are in the main neurological. They can encompass numbness of the legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, complications, tinnitus, joint ache, melancholy (aspartame reduces serotonin levels in the brain), anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred imaginative and prescient and memory loss.

Those of us looking at our waistline are frequently tempted by claims of ‘0 sugar’ or low carbohydrates. However, greater often than not, these food and drinks contain synthetic sweeteners. Paradoxically, synthetic sweeteners reason carbohydrate cravings that may lead to weight benefits!

Today, artificial sweeteners can be observed in the whole thing, from smooth beverages to yogurt to baked goods to chewing gum.

Although small amounts are unlikely to be difficult, be discerning your meal alternatives and be aware that repeated ingestion of artificial sweeteners may be destructive to your long-term health.

Myth 9: You have to consume a low-fat weight loss plan

Fact: The frame desires fats! Especially ‘important facts.’

This concept that each one fat is bad is absolutely untrue. Every mobile within the human frame calls for fat for metabolic capabilities, hormones, brain characteristics, and many different vital functions.

Your body needs ‘vital fat’ from your diet (crucial simply, our body can’t make it using itself). The first-rate resources are excessive in omega 3 and encompass olive oil, nuts, avocado, and fish oils.

The rights fats help in reducing blood stress, thinning your blood, and stopping blood clots. Likewise, maximum inflammatory conditions can be avoided or controlled with normal omega 3 fat in the weight loss plan. A lack of omega 3 in your diet will accentuate some of the inflammatory conditions ranging from allergies to arthritis and even heart disorders.

The fats-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, cannot be absorbed unless we’ve got enough fat in our eating regimen. Therefore no matter how many nutrition-wealthy fruits and vegetables you eat, when you have a low-fat weight-reduction plan, it is incredibly likely you may subsequently suffer degenerative diseases due to dietary deficiencies. One example is osteoporosis. For calcium in our weight loss program to emerge as bone mass, it requires Vitamin D and Vitamin K to be absorbed.

As the human brain is 70% lipid (fats), we need regular consumption of healthful fats and cholesterol to feature properly. Therefore it ought to not surprise you that low consumption of fats can cause short-term reminiscence loss, loss of attention, depression, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia, and in the long term, Alzheimer’s ailment.

Symptoms of inadequate fat in our food plan include accelerated cholesterol levels, dry and flaky skin, loss of pores and skin elasticity, and wrinkles. (The benefits of healthy fats are similar to antioxidants.)

Healthy fat is consequently an essential component of your weight loss plan. Eat fats, but choose the proper fats!

Myth 10: I must drink purple wine as it’s advocated using my doctor for top coronary heart health

Fact: It’s no longer the alcohol in red wine that is ideal for you. Alcohol is a neurotoxin!

It’s no longer the alcohol in pink wine connected to a decreased prevalence of heart disease; it is an antioxidant located in crimson grapes referred to as resveratrol.

Wines contain plentiful quantities of polyphenols, a category of antioxidants no longer found in other alcoholic beverages. The attention of polyphenols in crimson wine is greater than that in white wine, and it’s miles those polyphenols that might be related to several health blessings.

Alcohol itself is certainly a neurotoxin, and extra intake can severely disrupt your sensitive hormone balance, purpose liver damage, and other fitness troubles.

If you are a non-drinker, my advice is simply this… Don’t start now! Remember, it is now not the alcohol in pink wine. It truly is true for you – it is the antioxidants. Use moderation, or drink grape juice as an alternative!


So there you have got it. The top 10 fitness myths ultimately uncovered.

I inspire you to be vigilant to your pursuit of precise health and be wary of fitness claims made via the media, the pharmaceutical organizations, or even your own doctor.

When it comes to your fitness, you’re only in the driver’s seat. Do your personal research, search for out legitimate sources of records, and discover natural and opportunity treatment plans in which suitable.

It’s via retaining an open mind, thinking, and evaluating modern-day fitness tips that you may genuinely take control of your health and well be.

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