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How to create Craigslist HTML Ads with WordPress

Even if you already have a website, Craigslist can help bring in traffic and new customers. This is especially true if you offer the type of site or service. For example, used equipment sellers, general contractors, plumbers and pre-owned automobile sales are all things that people might look for on Craigslist. If you live in an area where Craigslist is …

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How To Claim Your Blog or Website on Alexa

Hello friends. In this article, we are going to discuss about claiming your website or blog to Alexa. Alexa, as we all know, play an important role in determining the popularity of a website. Let’s discuss in short about  Alexa in case any of our readers are unaware of it. Alexa is an extension for web browsers, through which, while …

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Global Brute Force Attack on All WordPress Blogs

WordPress blogs across the world are being attacked by brute force using a huge botnet. Several web hosting services have warned webmasters that they should secure their WordPress blogs. Hostgator claims it affect all web hosts and the brute force attack is very well organized and very distributed and over 90,000 IP addresses seem to be involved in this attack. It …

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An Ideal Way Of Blogging With WordPress

WordPress featured as a simple running a blog instrument to conform the ideas of promoting ideas international to its personal and in-built machine. WordPress development is a course of to perform combine activities for WordPress builders and publishers to perform their posting promotions. WordPress building is easy to use open supply content material administration machine to make a working expertise …

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Common errors and their fixes while WP setup on dedicated host

Dedicated hosting is a very common thing among website owners. Generally large websites have the advantage of using multiple resources like a big bandwidth and server CPU. Shared hosting platforms do not have this advantage. Free? Forget it! Looking for a free web host is not at all a good idea. Identifying a free reliable web host is a tough …

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