Purpose and Benefits of Buying Family Health Insurance Plans

While your family members may enjoy a good lifestyle, there are times when someone could fall ill. It could be emotional and financial concerns if this illness requires medical treatment with procedures, medication, doctors’ expertise, etc. That’s when family medical insurance comes into the picture. A family health plan covers all your family members. It promises everyone equal access to medical funds and healthcare facilities during a health emergency. The best part is that a single premium payment can secure all your loved ones without hassle.

Health Insurance Plans

Let’s look deeper at how family insurance protects your family’s health and savings against rising healthcare costs in India.

1. Family Health Insurance Premium is Affordable

A family plan can cover all your family members, including your spouse, children, and parents. You can secure your entire family’s financial health by paying a standard premium. To top it all, the premium rates on family health insurance are more cost-effective than taking individual health plans for each family member.

2. Comes with Tax Saving Options

The more family members, the more tax savings are possible. Section 80D* of the Income Tax Act of 1961 allows you to claim tax benefits on the premium paid for upto INR 75000 for family health insurance plans.

3. Ensures Hassle-free Insurance Processing

Remembering the premium payment date of separate health policies for each family member may be cumbersome. Further, while some members may have a monthly premium cycle, others might have an annual premium. A family plan overcomes this problem with a simple process. It meets every member’s healthcare needs while offering ease of payment and insurance booking.

4. Offers Customization

You can add new family members to your family medical plan. Also, you may add optional covers like OPD care and maternity benefits, among others, per your needs. This feature of policy customization is available with some of India’s best family health insurance plans. While planning a family expansion, you can customize the policy to increase the sum insured and policy tenure. Customization doesn’t involve many formalities and is far easier than a new individual plan.

5. Promises the entire sum insured for every member

Family covers offer a standard sum insured for all family members equally. Depending on the need, every family member can use the sum insured partly or entirely during medical claims. The remaining sum insured is reserved for the family during any future contingencies.

Benefits of Family Health Insurance Plans

1. Coverage for Major Medical Expenses

Health plans for the family cover all the standard medical treatments and procedures. It includes hospitalization and daycare treatment costs, medical expenses, ambulance coverage, and more. So in your time of need, you can concentrate on your loved ones’ quick recovery instead of worrying about the family budget.

2. Cashless Hospitalization

One of the most significant advantages of health insurance today is the cashless hospitalization facility. It saves you from paying hospital bills from your pocket. Under cashless hospitalization, your insurer settles the claim amount directly with the hospital. You must admit the patient to one of the insurer’s network hospitals to be eligible for this benefit. To use this facility, complete a pre-authorization form and show your health insurance card.

3. Coverage for Critical Illnesses

Your family might have a history of severe health conditions. You can lessen the financial burden during prolonged spells of such illnesses with the added benefit of critical illness coverage. Family plans with essential benefits of illness cover life-threatening diseases like stroke, transplant, etc. It shares your financial loss during a severe health disorder demanding multiple therapies or surgeries.

4. Day Care Treatment

Many medical procedures are completed with advanced treatment options within a day or two. Daycare treatment coverage helps you avail of over 540 minor healthcare procedures. You get easy claim settlement for treatments requiring hospitalization up to 24 hours.

5. Pre and Post-Hospitalization Coverage

Often, several diagnostic tests and scans lead to significant hospitalization. The cost of these tests amounts to a substantial financial burden in the end. Therefore, family plans with pre and post-hospitalization coverage come as a boon. ThirtyA family health insurance policy covers days pre and 60 days post-hospitalization expenses.

It’s always essential to have a financial safety net to safeguard your family. Health Insurance for your family takes complete care of your household health planning. You can choose health insurance for your family through Care Health Insurance. This family plan offers comprehensive coverage with affordable premiums and easy EMI options. With Care Health Insurance’s Family Plans, you get a reliable health partner to support your financial well-being.

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