Why So Many People Love the Amazon Fire Stick

What really is Amazon Fire TV Stick and what can it do?

Well, the starting point of this try dates back to when they attempted to make a streaming box– an attempt which brought about the development of the Amazon Fire TV, which was unveiled and made available in April 2014.

The streaming box features 2GB of memory space and a very strong quad-core processor backing its operations up. It allowed users to search within video apps like Netflix at very quick speeds and due to the fact that it came with an effective and reliable voice search feature, it had even more of an appeal.

One of the major disadvantages of the Fire TV Stick is the price tag, especially considering the fact that a lot of people already own devices that are capable of streaming movies and TV shows

Features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick

One of the biggest features of the Amazon Fire Stick TV is the captive portal support that makes it easy for you to connect to a pubic Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi from a friend’s house, a hospital, etc. This basically means that you are able to easily take your games, shows, and movies wherever you go.

The Fire Stick TV is also able to connect to Wi-Fi networks that ideally need authentication; something you see in most schools ad hotels. Prime members are now able to search hundreds of Prime playlists that offer content based on various criteria.

With the hidden PIN network feature, you can now make sure that the PIN of your device is not displayed on the TV screen upon entering in order to make a purchase. The Fire Stick also features a number of shortcuts, such as being able to put it to seep by simply pressing and holding the home button of the remote.



Just as it is with the Fire TV streaming box, the tip is all to help you tap the fling icon that you can find on any video or audio directly to our TV screen. Hanks to support from DIAL, other services like YouTube and Netflix can be sent directly to your TV. You can also use the display mirroring function on your Fire OS or Android device and some devices even support this without the need of extra apps or software.

Fire TV Stick specs

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has 1GB of memory as well as dual-core processor. However, this does not mean that all the searches you make will be slower or that the Stick itself does not have enough power. Regardless, for the price that it commands, the Stick s definitely worth the money.

The remote that you get when you by the Fire TV Stick is made of plastic and as such, it is in no way heavy on the hand. It also features voice search functionality, although you will need to get another separate remote in order to fully enjoy its voice search feature. You can also download the free Fire TV remote app on your smartphone it has support for phones running on iOS, Fire, and Android operating systems.

It is also worth remembering that if you’re a big fan of voice control, then you might also want to consider the Fire TV box. The box has a remote with voice functionality.


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