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Exclusive Detect Malware in WordPress Using Exploit Scanner

WordPressis definitely the best CMS available. But it still has some loopholes in terms of security which can be easily exploited by a hacker. And that’s why WordPress provide regular security updates and patches to prevent hacker from exploiting WordPress. But it also depends on what type of themes and plugin do you use. Exploit Scanner is a free WordPress …

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2012 Top 10 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

What does it take to get your posts shared on Social Networks? With over 250 million Tweets being posted every day and close to 4 billion items being posted on Facebook, there is definitely not a lack in volume of Social Media updates. To make a larger junk of those being posted about your articles, one of the most important …

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Top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress you must have


Starting a blog is always easy especially with WordPress, which is one of the most used blogging platform currently. In order to run the blog smoothly, you’ll have to make use of the Plugins found in WordPress by just adding them in your dashboard. WordPress plugins have currently made the lives of SEO bloggers much easier since they improve your …

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Google App Engine for WordPress Plugin launched


Google App Engine, The cloud computing provider platform has recently began for making stronger for PHP based WordPress. WordPress is some of the common PHP based Platform used, so it isn’t a surprise that an reliable WordPress plugin for Google App Engine was launched. The plugin is especially useful for functionality like sending e mail the use of the Mail App …

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WordPress Plugin Review – P3 Plugin Profiler


Most of today’s bloggers are dependent upon WordPress for making their site beautiful and easy to use. But when websites of bloggers become popular, they get traffic from Google, Facebook, Bing etc. Bloggers add a hell lot of plugins to make their site beautiful or fast or whatever. We also use a HELL Lot of plugins! After adding some plugins …

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