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You Need To Know The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Stole Your Privacy

Hacking has been in the news a lot recently if you’ve been paying attention to the election. Everyone reads stories in newspapers and develops an opinion, but it’s questionable how much they actually know about cybersecurity laws. CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act seems to have slipped under everyone’s radar over the last year. Let’s look at how it could …

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Tricks To Make Your XL Your Own

As much as we want one of the best and most popular phones in our back pocket, it’s nice to know we have a completely unique gadget to call our own. Since you can’t manufacture your own smartphone from scratch, the best you can do is buy the best Android on the market and follow these tips to personalize the …

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Change Windows Power Plans with a Keyboard Shortcut

Power Plans Built Of Power Plans Switching between Windows’ built-in power schemes from the taskbar can be kind of a pain, so reader Keithb1 shows us a few different ways to change them with a keyboard shortcut. I got rather sick of choosing plans from the system tray. It’s just a little clumsy and clunky trying to manage it with a trackpad all …

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Windows 8 basics: Tips, tricks, and cures

Windows 8 Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is a major departure from Microsoft’s past interfaces. While previous versions of Windows kept mostly the same mouse-driven metaphor as their predecessors, even veteran Windows users may find the start of their Windows 8 experience a little disorienting. Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is a major departure from Microsoft’s …

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Few Things to do after Installing Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 12.10 Here I am going to discuss some useful tips for the new users who are interested in using an open source operating system, Ubuntu 12.10. As it is an open source, its available at free of cost. And its secure to have a Linux based Operating System. There are lots of Linux distributions are available. I prefer Ubuntu for the normal and new users. Ubuntu gives …

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