Form and Function Of Different Gloves In Different Sports

If you use your hands in a competitive sport, there’s probably a good chance that you’ll be wearing gloves of some sort. If back in the day, gloves were just gloves, then in today’s modern world, they’re opposite and have extreme specialization in many cases.

Five types of gloves to look at include lacrosse gloves, baseball gloves, hockey gloves, soccer gloves, and weight lifting gloves. All of these range from zero to hero in terms of price and quality, but the better you get at the sport, the better your safety equipment will have to prevent injury.

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Lacrosse Gloves

The last thing you want is to get whacked in the hands while you’re playing lacrosse and not have enough padding around your wrists and fingers. So, when you get to the high levels, and especially if you’re choosing a goalie glove, make sure that the fit is right, and every single component of the glove is absolutely going to prevent any mishap from happening.

Warrior lacrosse has a good selection of gloves to choose from, as not only do you want to win games, but you also want to win them without getting hurt.

Hockey Gloves

Purchasing the right hockey gloves is a big deal as well. Too big or too small, and there are issues both with protecting the hands and controlling the stick and the puck. Additionally, good gloves can take a beating and still last forever, whereas cheaper ones fall apart quite easily at the seams.

Soccer Gloves

You can go wrong for the soccer goalie by getting the more expensive gloves, especially for big games at higher levels. You want absolute control and touch when you’re the only person on the field who can use their hands, and certain brands do a much better job of putting out quality equipment than others.

Weightlifting Gloves

If you get heavy into weightlifting, you’ll see that gloves are the norm there as well. Because of the friction between metal, grip, and your hands, the better gloves will keep sweat from affecting your ability to lift as well. There are even further specialties about what type of weightlifting needs what type of material!

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