Benefits of Salesforce Integration and Customization for businesses

Salesforce initiated with the vision of reinventing Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Since it has changed the way business software is delivered and also changed the market endlessly. All the Salesforce products run completely on the cloud, So there is no need for a costly setup, support, and maintenance system. You can easily work from any device, smartphone, tablet, or laptop using your internet connection.

Salesforce has invented CRM, which is easy to use for small and large scale enterprises. This methodology allows you to make the Sales cloud the topmost CRM in the world. Salesforce technology enables you to manage all the interactions with your clients and partners. It will definitely help you for the growth of the enterprises. This is the reason why we call Salesforce a customer success platform.

Nowadays, Companies require modern CRM; Salesforce fulfills this need for most of the organizations. It can accelerate the growth, sales, profit, customer value, and develop the marketing capabilities. Salesforce provides your team across the business the ability to access in favor of streamlined business development. But for this, businesses need to develop a Salesforce integration approach to make it happen successfully.

Salesforce Integration Overview

Salesforce integration with a database system, ERP system, and custom apps is required for a valuable business approach.  It is important to note that many businesses are using Salesforce integration and developing networks between Salesforce and the adjacent system. But this type of integration is not practical as well as sustainable. There are several opportunities for Salesforce integration to provide value for an organization, such as dealing with the legacy system, organizing system, creating a partner ecosystem, and making new business initiatives. All of these needs must be integrated into Salesforce.


What is Salesforce Integration Pattern?

Salesforce integration challenges are focused on some integration patterns. There is a logical sequence of steps to solve a particular Salesforce integration problem. First, we need to describe an integration application that includes both a business use case and a pattern. The business use case contains the value obtained from a specific integration, and the pattern is a common process for data movement and handling.

The following configuration can be used to define the format of a simple point to point integration.

Application (A) to Application (B) Object Pattern –

The Patterns must be installed to make integration ecofriendly, extensible, reliable, and logical.  A pattern must have a combination of at least two of the following elements:

  • The source system where the data exist before execution
  • The standards that decide the scope of the data to be moved copied, or replicated
  • The destination system where the data will be entered
  • The transformation where the data will go through
  • The results to compare the original state with the preferred state.

There are 5 common Salesforce Integration Patterns.

  • Migration
  • Broadcast
  • Aggregation
  • Bi-directional synchronization
  • Correlation

We all know that Salesforce is the CRM system that mainly works on cloud computing. The main purpose of Salesforce is to reinvent the CRM system of an organization initially. All Salesforce products run entirely in the cloud, so there is no expensive setup cost, no maintenance cost. You can work using any device with an internet connection –Smartphone, laptop, etc. I am so sure that you have heard about the fact that “Customer is the king of Market.” Salesforce is being described as the most powerful CRM solution. By implementing Salesforce Customization in your business, it will make customer interaction smoother with 100 % satisfaction.

The need for Salesforce customization

You might be already using Salesforce in your business. But, are you sure that the Salesforce of your business is adeptly serving your business needs? If not, then it’s time to customize your business CRM. There is a huge need for Salesforce customization in our organization. Because:-

  • It improves the collaboration and transparency of all organizations.
    •It also helps to exploit the Salesforce applications effectively
    •It also enables smoother communication as it resists communication mismatch
    •Customization reflects your business, helps sales enrichment
    •It enables more connectivity
    •Increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction

Why businesses need Salesforce customization?

Salesforce customization is being considered as the most important factor to ameliorate your business. A better salesforce development-oriented company will lead to more customer engagements and higher ROI. These days most of the business are into Salesforce development services as it is considered one of the best profit earning and customer engagement sources for an organization. The business requires proper functionality, structural analysis, dynamic environment, etc., to stand amongst various market competitors. A Salesforce improves functionality, collaborates transparency, and increases the rate of return.

Benefits of Salesforce customization

  • A better Salesforce leads to develop a better customer relationship management initiatives.
    •It also helps in gaining higher ROI
    •It helps to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction to the utmost level.
    •It provides better connectivity through mobile phones, the internet, and social media.
    •Anticipate customer wants to be based on past behavior.
    •It can easily monitor your business from anywhere or anytime.

To frame a proper organizational structure and get proper results, “Salesforce customization” will be considered the best and prime need of an organization.

Mainly, Salesforce customization reflects your organization structure and also initiates better growth & performance. A Salesforce usually allows your employees to communicate easily through many ways such as social media, mobile phones, etc., as it is a cloud where there is no maintenance cost and any other cost.



According to the article, you must be very clear about the need and popularity of Salesforce development in the modern era. This detailed theory’s main objective about the two major terms, i.e., Salesforce implementation and customization, is to learn and gain full and proper knowledge of Salesforce thoroughly. To gain more profits or higher customer engagement, we should surely go with Salesforce development.

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