The term ‘proofreading’ refers to the act of reading through a document to find any misspellings, typos, or other minor errors. People often proofread their assignments or documents to ensure that there are no errors before they are submitted. ‘Editing’ refers to the act of changing the text to make it easier to read, or to condense the information into something understandable. Editors are useful while writing because editors help improve the content and clarity of the document or assignment. Proofreaders, on the other hand, will ensure that the document is formatted consistently, and does not contain any errors or spelling mistakes.

Freelance editors are extremely useful because it is a fresh pair of eyes taking a look at your assignment. Constantly reading through an assignment or document can get tiring, and you may miss small but obvious errors. A freelance editor, however, will be able to spot these errors. Another benefit is that the freelance editor will be able to provide a fresh opinion or perspective on your document or assignment. Be it a resume, dissertation, statement of purpose, or cover letter, it is always useful to have someone else look at the paper to point out any flaws or suggest ways in which you can make the document better.

While looking for editing services, it is important to note down the cost of each service. This is because certain services will consider 250 words on a page as one page, whereas other services will consider 300 words on a page as one page. This makes a difference in pricing, especially if the document is large.
Another factor to look into is their reputation – make sure you look at online reviews or testimonials to see the kind of services they offer, their prices, and how they interact with their customers and clients.



Once you have chosen a few editing services within your area, it is important to try and contact them to ask for details on their packages and the kinds of services they offer. It is advisable to build a rapport with your editor, because it makes it easier to receive constructive criticism from someone you know and are comfortable with. Therefore, try to meet the editor from the service in person before agreeing to sign up with them, to ensure that you feel comfortable later on.

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