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The CloudMounter is a must have tool for the laptop users who have a low capacity of the SSD drives. The best thing about CloudMounter is that you can mount popular clouds like the disks without the use of downloading them on your hard drive. Apart from all this, you can also secure your cloud files with the help of the data encryption. All that you need to do is select any one of your Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive accounts and you can manage them for free in Finder. You will be amazed to know that CloudMounter is available both for Windows as well as Mac users.

Recently the CloudMounter added one more platform to it and this was good news for the Linux users. It is because even the computer with a Linux operating system can mount your cloud storage accounts.

Working of CloudMounter

You must be thinking of what the CloudMounter does. So the straight forward answer to this is that they allow you to map cloud storage drives as the local drives. The best part of the application is that they support Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Microsoft OneDrive.

You must be wondering about what’s the reason behind mapping the cloud storage account as the local drive. You can also use the application directly on their laptop. So the reason to use this application is that most of the users may run out of space or if they want to save some space on their system then they can use CloudMounter to access the files that are stored in the cloud.

The best thing of using is that it addresses a limitation which most of the cloud storage services have. Let’s take the example of Dropbox to understand it more clearly. Let us consider that Dropbox is the most efficient cloud storage service which helps to synchronize file from the computer to cloud and you can also do the reverse thing with the use of this tool. But at the same time if you want a folder to be synchronized to Dropbox, then you should also store that folder locally on your system. This sometimes is not possible due to insufficient space on your laptop to store any files.

So in order to deal with the problem the best possible thing that could be done is. You need to sync only those key folders which you need on a regular basis like the website backup file. If you access any folder regularly, then it is important that you keep the file updated both in the local system as well as over cloud storage. Apart from all this, you can also have several folders on Dropbox which may not be required on a regular basis such as the picture of the summer vacation. The only purpose of these folders is to retain them for future use, and thus they do not need any direct access to it. This process works fine for the entire scenario, but it really hurts to sync the folder which is not selected as synced. The only possible things that could be done is either visit the official website of Dropbox directly, where you can upload files, or you just need to change the folder that is marked as synced and then you can change them later.

Using the CloudMounter

If you want to check whether you are comfortable with the features to provide by CloudMounter or not, then you can download a free trial version on CloudMounter from its official website. You can use the free trial for a duration of fifteen days from the day you install it in your system. As soon as you download the CloudMounter application, you will get a window of CloudMounter. The best thing that the experts of CloudMounter have done is that they have made a very simple interface for the user so that they don’t have any difficulties using it. The window which appears shows you the list of cloud storage services which you can get connected, and once you select anyone from the list; the application will be display at the left-hand side of the screen.

After the selection of the cloud storage service, you also need to grant access for the account.

Moreover, you can use a custom name for the drive that you want to mount.

As soon as you mount an account, you can easily access it using explorer and at the same time you can also access your folder and files is such a way that they are stored locally on your system. The entire process of connecting drives hardly takes any time.

Features of CloudMounter

The CloudMounter is not only a safe and comprehensive tool but at the same time, it also has a vast spectrum of supported cloud services. Some of the important features of CloudMounter are mentioned below:

  • Cloud data encryption – You will be amazed to know that you need not worry regarding the files that are present online because the CloudMounter keeps the online file protected with the help of the advanced encryption standard. This helps to reduce the cloud risks to the minimum.
  • Integration with the Finder app – The integration of the finder app with CloudMounter has made it more flexible to use. Now you can make use of this app in an easier and more comprehensive way.
  • Constant updates – The best part of professional working at CloudMounter is that they do not stop at improving the product. They make a continuous effort in making the product even better.

CloudMounter that is available for Mac is completely compatible with the MacOS 10.10 and later. In order to use this application, all that you need to have is 33 Mb of free space, and you can install the same in your system.


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