How to Choose Between On-Premises and Cloud Customer Relationship Management Software

Maintaining an updated data pool containing needed Select Hub offers a wide selection of CRM software, but you should determine if a cloud or on-premises CRM is better for your needs.

Do you need mobile access options?

Access to customer data at any time is essential for many businesses. Cloud access allows you and any other approved employee to get needed information in the field. It proves exceptionally helpful for companies that are service-oriented or have traveling sales staff. All it takes is a smart device and access to the internet to use a cloud CRM software system. Lack of internet access or a crash in the signal can cause the inability to access customer information. An on-premises CRM keeps relatively well tied to the office. It is a good solution for companies that do not need mobile access capabilities.

Cloud CRM vs On-Premise CRM for SMBs


Is there an existing IT department?

Launching an on-premises CRM is difficult if you do not have staff members who are IT knowledgeable. All of the hardware and software needs to be set up and monitored, updated, and solutions found if there are problems. It can mean enormous headaches for smaller companies. It is no problem for those who already have an established IT department. A cloud CRM is handled through the server of the software seller. It is simple, and all fixes happen through the company you subscribe to for service.

What is your budget for CRM deployment?

The overall costs will help you make the right decision with cloud or on-premises CRM software. The typical costs for a cloud CRM are limited to the subscription costs. The price may vary depending on the number of employees that need access. Your existing equipment and internet are all you need to download the software and access information. An on-premises CRM will require both software expense and hardware to allow access to the office’s report.

CRM Data Security and Information Transfer

Having a contained on-premises CRM offers the safest way to store information. There is always a slight risk of having information hacked if transferring over the internet, but your information is secure for the most part. A cloud CRM is subject to hacking and information breaches due to it storing and transferring data over the internet most of the time.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing between a cloud and on-premises CRM will involve exploring the above areas and seeing which elements are more important. You want to make sure that the type you choose will work or find everything falling behind as you try and implement another way, at greater expense. Contact CRM software experts like and find the perfect solution for your company today!

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