Performance Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

A muffler, or silencer, is a device used to decrease the noise created by an engine’s exhaust system – mufflers are an important part of most motorbikes today. They are important for the optimal functioning of the vehicle. The engine expels gasses in the form of high-pressure pulses after internal combustion. These high-pressure pulses can create powerful sound waves, and a muffler is used to reduce this powerful sound to a softer, more tolerable level. On the other hand, exhaust systems are used to expel these gases out of the engine as quickly as possible. The faster these gases are removed, the easier it is for your machine to function, which means that the engine’s horsepower is increased. Exhaust systems, therefore, must be designed to have the best possible flow. Otherwise, the horsepower and fuel economy of the engine can be compromised.



Performance exhaust systems feature parts that are specifically created to achieve optimum levels of performance. Performance parts are designed to maximize the engine’s exhaust flow so that the excess gases can escape quickly. By upgrading specific details, you will see a visible change in the performance of your machine and an increase in your engine’s horsepower.

Mufflers are a popular upgrade to exhaust systems. As stated before, mufflers reduce the sound from the exhaust system by lowering the pulsations of the exhaust gases. To do this, mufflers are lined with wool or fiberglass to create an insulated sound barrier. Thus, mufflers are useful because they perform the job of reducing noise without reducing the power and performance of the engine.

Another component you can add to your exhaust system is a set of headers. Headers connect the engine to the exhaust ports and channel these gases into a common port. These headers are made of cast iron and are manufactured by aftermarket automotive companies.

Another component to look into is a catalytic converter. This can help reduce the amount of pollution created by the internal combustion of your engine. This is done by filtering the gas through a coating of specific metals, which weaken the polluting chemicals and convert them into environmentally friendly by-products of combustion. Thus, Catalytic converters can help ensure that your engine works with optimum value and help with the environment by providing that the gases released by your vehicle are safe for the environment. Most states require motorbikes and other cars to have catalytic converters to help keep the environment clean. So, if you decide to fit in catalytic converters, make sure that they will do state or federal regulations.

Solo Performance, Inc. is a company that specializes in producing stainless steel and tig-welded exhaust products. This company has collective years of experience in the automotive industry, putting it in a unique position to serve its customer base efficiently. With a full team of trained and experienced engineers and designers, you can ensure that you will get the best exhaust system (and parts) that your motorbike will require so that your bike will function at its best.

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