Everyone has to modify their wardrobe for the winter season, especially when it comes to outdoor clothing. One accessory that you should never forget when the snow starts to fall is a scarf — if you want to be prepared for every winter occasion, you should add these three scarves to your closet.

First things first, if you are a crafty person you can always make your own winter scarves instead of buying them at the store. When you knit or crochet your own scarves you are guaranteed to love the fabric, the color and the design. To get started on your knitting or crocheting projects, go to the website Yarnspirations to see a variety of unbelievable scarf patterns that you can use. They also have an incredible selection of yarn categorized by brand, fiber, weight, and color — it’s convenient to know where to find bulky yarn for your chunkier scarves and finer yarn for your daintier pieces when you are ordering supplies.

  1. Super Scarf

The super scarf is the quintessential accessory for the winter — the incredible length and thickness will make sure you stay snug during the coldest and snowiest days of the season. While the super scarf is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe because of its practicality, it also opens up a lot of fun and fashionable styling opportunities. You can wear it like a draping shawl, wrap it around your neck, or tie it in elegant knots and bows over your jacket or coat.



  1. Infinity Scarf

The infinity scarf also goes by the term circle scarf or cowl — it’s simply a scarf with no visible ends, so it nestles around your neck in a loop. If you want a versatile winter accessory, you can wear an infinity scarf in a different style every day of the week — it can be easily twisted, knotted, folded, wrapped or pinned into a completely new look so that you can keep your outfits looking fresh. Like the super scarf, an infinity scarf can be made with chunkier and heavier yarns that will keep you protected during frosty days.

  1. Short Scarf

This particular winter accessory is best used for days when the weather is milder and you need fewer layers of heavy-duty clothing. This is a small accessory that can still make a big statement—you can always craft it with a bold pattern or color so it can be the accent piece in your outfit. There are many exciting ways to tie a short scarf, including knotting it like an ascot, styling one end shorter than the other or pinning it with a decorative brooch.

If you have the knack for knitting or crocheting, you can quickly create these scarves so that you feel fashionable and warm for the entire season. With a super scarf, an infinity scarf and a short scarf hanging in your bedroom closet, you can be prepared for every winter occasion.