Beware the Millennial

While we are certainly not targeting our brilliant young Millennials, they bring a very different angle to the workplace that was never there before 2010.

Yes, our older generation is very much online, on various data recovery specialists.

Cyber attacks are rife, especially when a mobile device user enters a business. They are, for the hackers and cyber thieves, a real easy-in.

So, to protect your company from fatal attacks, we have compiled a list of the risks these devices pose and ways to get around them.

Password Impasse

As our mobile communication devices are much smaller than ever before (although there is a growing trend to go back to bigger-is-better), they are easily moved in and out of buildings and workplaces.

Cyber thieves can, in essence, walk into your business and take what they want. That they are going through your employee’s mobile small device is just par for the course. Yes, it does happen, and not only in the movies.

Our phones, especially, are alive with invisible strands of communication and data. We receive many messages daily on our phones, and an unassuming user may allow a hacker access to your network without even realizing it.

All they have to do is accept a request to access something. Many are very aware of these possibilities, but it just takes one. And these hackers have patience and tenacity.

Your employees need to keep passwords and passkeys on their person to access certain areas and computer systems, which means they carry valuable data on them. With iPhone and Android devices, you can save passwords and secretive material in a special folder, only accessible with a password. But, this poses a risk and a gem of an opportunity for a cyber thief.

The Solution?

Ensuring your firewall is water-tight is crucial, and your SEO Agency must set it up so that it won’t allow any access unless there is a double password system.

Changing the passcodes is also important, and it is best if your staff keeps the passwords in the head, a trying task we know, but it is best.


What, you ask. A new form of advertising? Well, kind of. Again, we receive a constant flow of “sellers” on our phones by way of SMS or sometimes pop, and just one false move can allow a hacker to get into your phone and, in turn, the network you are connected to.

Spam comes in many forms, and not only as an email. Just clicking or tapping on the spam can allow access.

Trojans are not just lovely mythical horses; they are real viruses that can mess your entire system up. A simple email receipt and an even simpler click on an attachment or link can shoot a virus across all avenues linked to their device.


The Solution?

Ensure your emails are scanned before they land in your employee’s inboxes, and if they receive SMS and even WhatsApp messages on their phone, ensure they are not receiving them while linked to your network Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi: What if?

Again, being connected to your company’s Wi-Fi is great for those wanting to save on data, but it is not so great when they invite all and sundry in for afternoon tea and cake.

There are many loopholes and weaknesses present in Wi-Fi connections, and don’t believe everything you hear from your network support. From fiber optic to good old ADSL, your business is vulnerable, period.

The Solution?

Just don’t allow it. Don’t let your staff connect to your Wi-Fi with their devices. Or if their device is vital to their function in your business, then set it up so that only certain applications can be linked to the Wi-Fi.

The Productivity Dilemma

While we are always chasing the next dollar sign, which sometimes means being accessible 24/7, it can also open up greater risks for your company.

The Solution?

Be aware of what everyone is connecting to and for what reasons. If it means banning certain applications on their phones, laptops, and other mobile devices in your buildings, then so be it.

This is your business, and you don’t need those that didn’t work their asses off to mess it up with a simple mistaken click. Data recovery can be expensive, so take precautions.

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