Cases of security breaches have skyrocketed in the past couple of years. To prevent your organization from the threat of hackers, the best level of data security and privacy is required to be implemented. Before you plan to establish data security, it becomes very important to learn about the reasons that can lead to data loss.

How does data loss prevention strategies work?

Data loss prevention strategies recognize, evaluates as well as safeguards data that is in use, in motion on the network, at rest in the storage space or on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. By way of deep inspection of content and security analysis of all transactions, data loss prevention works as a means to enforce data security policy. Work Examiner software is the best internet assessment software. It monitors and tracks internet usage of the employees in an organization.

These strategies offer a centralized management system that is designed to identify as well as prevent an unauthorized use as well as transmission of the personal information. This technique safeguards an organization against all those mistakes that can cause data leakage and its misuse by external attacks, and insiders. Software to monitor computer usage helps in tracking authentic exchange of information in between employees and the web.

What is the outcome of data loss?

50% of employees are not well-aware of the risks that are caused due to data loss. Organizations also fail to get proper understanding of the DLP initiatives. The consequences of data loss can be very damaging for an organization. It results in loss of critical data and other kinds of enterprise information which can cause significant losses in terms of finances and reputation.

With a better understanding of the data, an organization can establish appropriate policies to safeguard itself and form risk prioritized conclusions about the type of assets that requires to be safeguarded.

Reasons that can lead to data loss in an organization

  • When you don’t have a surety of where the confidential data of firm is getting stored, where it is sent and people who are accessing it.
  • DLP technology offers security and IT personnel a 360-degree overview of the flow, location, and use of information across the enterprise. It performs a thorough check on the network action against the security policies of firm, and enables one to control and safeguard sensitive data that includes customer related information, financial data, intellectual property and personally identifiable information.
  • Your company does not have any strategy to protect data against accidental disclosure and theft of sensitive data by partners and employees.
  • Your organization is concerned about the negative exposure, liability, lost revenue and fines linked with data violation.


With the exponential increase in the data volume, chances of accidental revelation of sensitive information due to theft are high. It is needed that the organization workout ways to safeguard themselves as well as the stakeholders. Data loss prevention will surely benefit in ensuring best level of protection.