35% Rise in Sales & Marketing Placements, Find out this year Placement Trends of IIM Kashipur

Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, commonly called IIM Kashipur, is the 12th institute in the league of 20 elite IIMs of the country. Established in 2011, the institute currently works under the mentorship of IIM Lucknow. In a short span of just 5 years, IIM Kashipur has made some remarkable leaps in management education in the country.

The institute, which started with a tiny batch of 37 students, currently has more than 120 students in its flagship PGP Program. Apart from this mainstream Post Graduate Program, IIM Kashipur also offers Executive Post Graduate Program (EPGPM), Fellow Program in Management (FPM), and Executive Fellow Program in Management (EFPM) as well.

We understand that placing its students well for a reputed management institute is a crucial task at hand. This article aims to bring the students an unbiased analysis of IIM Kashipur placements for the 2015-17 batch. IIM Kashipur has never let down its students when it comes to placement opportunities.


Let us take a look at the placement highlights for this year and also some trends which are emerging in placements of IIM Kashipur

Placement Highlights 2015-17

Out of 118 students being eligible for placements at IIM Kashipur, 103 sought placements from the institute itself. IIM Kashipur’s placement teams responded very well, and these students ended up bagging a total of 104 offers from 49 companies that visited the campus.

  • The overall average salary stood at INR 13 LPA, while the average CTC of the top 30 students of the campus was INR 19.58 LPA, which is undeniably very promising. The highest domestic package stood at INR 25 LPA, while the best international package was INR 53 LPA.
  • Most of the students chose roles in the domains of Sales & Marketing, Finance, and Operations.
  • The sectors which recruited the highest number of students were BFSI, IT, and Consulting.
  • The institute had a total of 122 students for its flagship program this year, out of 51% were freshers (with no past work experience). However, most of the students were from engineering, as seen in almost all the country’s top business schools.

Below mentioned are the trends which can prove to be very handy for anyone who is looking to do an MBA/PGDM:

  • Marketing and Sales remain the hot favorite of students.

Right from the maiden batch of IIM Kashipur in 2011-13 to the latest batch of 2015-17, Marketing and Sales is one domain that has remained the most sought domain of candidates. In the first batch itself, i.e., class of 2013, 35% of the offers (from a total of 36) were in the domain of marketing and sales.

This percentage of offers from this domain rose to 37% in 2014, 47% in the class of 2015, around 48% in the Class of 2016, and 35% in the Class of 2017.

It is to be noted that the total number of students from 2013 to 2017 has also increased from a meager 37 to a current level of 118 students. This clearly shows that number of students getting placed in this domain is rising every year.

So, if you are looking to get a job in Marketing and Sales, then studying at IIM Kashipur gives you a very likely chance of getting a great job.

  • Average Salary rises by 30% in 5 years.

IIM Kashipur had shown the signs of being a high-quality business school right from its first batch. The prestigious B-School posted an average CTC of INR 10 LPA in its first-ever batch.

However, in the latest and 5th batch, the average salary is more than INR 13 LPA, which means in 5 years, the average salary has increased by 30%, which is a huge growth rate.

IIM Kashipur reports a rising average package every year, even when the number of students is rising.

This shows the excellence of the institute and the level of trust it is building amongst the recruiters. The average package in 2015 was around INR 10.8 LPA, which rose to INR 12 LPA in the class of 2016, and curr8jnently stands at INR 13 LPA.

Therefore, if you are a performer and can ensure good performance at this business school, you can get a very high salary right after completing your PGP.

  • Highest Domestic Salary peaks at 25 LPA

In the final placements of 2015-17, IIM Kashipur has reported its highest domestic offering at a whopping INR 25 LPA, which is certainly a fact to admire. In its short journey of just 5 years, IIM Kashipur leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing a truly deserving package to its students.

A major thing to notice about the highest domestic packages is that they show remarkable growth from year to year. The highest domestic salary offered in the Class of 2014 stood at INR 13.5 LPA, and after this, it has been rising in significant numbers every year. The highest domestic CTC in the Class of 2015 stood at INR 16.5 LPA, while for the class of 2016, it was INR 21.78 LPA.

These huge leaps that IIM Kashipur shows in its placements every year define the hard work this institute is doing to become the best business school in the country.

  • International Packages cross the 50 LPA mark.

IIM Kashipur is also no way behind any top institute in the country when it comes to international packages. Students of the institute have been placed at international locations right from the first batch, and the numbers are only rising every year.

IIM Kashipur, this year, has reported the highest international package of INR 53 LPA, which is a mouth-watering number for any candidate looking to do an MBA. From INR 27 LPA in 2014, the number rose to 43 LPA in 2015 and 53 LPA in 2016.

With the numbers rising for International Packages, IIM Kashipur is also a great destination for candidates looking to work abroad after their MBA.

  • BFSI sector bags the most number of students

In this year’s placements, 23% of the total offers made belonged to the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) Sector. After BFSI, FMCG & Retail and IT & Analytics were the most sought sectors, with 16% and 14% of the total offers.

However, the class of 2017 got placed in a diverse set of sectors. Apart from the above three, students got roles in Consulting, Manufacturing, Energy, Operations & Logistics and Textiles. This shows that IIM Kashipur offers a variety of opportunities to its students every year.

BFSI has historically been the sector with the most number of offers at IIM Kashipur. In its class of 2015, 21% of the offers were made by this sector, and in 2016, 27% of the total placements were covered under this sector.

  • Placement Percentage stands at perfect 100

In line with the reputation of brand IIM, IIM Kashipur has also maintained a 100% placement ratio in almost all the years. This year, 103 students sought placements from this institute, and a total of 104 offers were received. 14 Pre-Placement offers were also there, which shows the excellent placement process of the institute.

This trend is a continuation of the perfect placement trend at IIM Kashipur. In its maiden batch, 33 students sought placements from IIM Kashipur, with all 33 getting placed. Similarly, 38 students registered for placements in 2014, and all of them got placed.

Similarly, 111 students in 2015 bagged 115 offers. And last year as well, 99 students of the institute seeking placement received 101 offers.

These great numbers ensure that once you complete your PGP at IIM Kashipur, you can be almost certain that you will have a job in hand.

With a great track record of placements, IIM Kashipur is certainly a deserving name in the list of top business schools in the country. There is not even an inch of doubt that IIM Kashipur is one of the country’s best places to do an MBA. At IIM Kashipur, you study hard, play hard and then earn big. What better can an institute offer?

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