How You Can Use CAFM Software to Streamline Your Business Processes

Computer-Aided Facility Management Software (CAFM) is the technology that helps business owners and facility managers monitor, execute, and plan a wide range of processes, including room reservations, operational facility services, scheduled preventive maintenance, asset management, and move management, among others.

Why CAFM Software is Necessary for Your Facility

Facility management encompasses many tasks and processes that can be overwhelming, inefficient, or ineffective, relying on human capacities alone. CAFM software has several advantages for a facility of any size.

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Paperless System

CAFM is a paperless system, meaning that you don’t need to keep paper records that are difficult to sift through, easy to misplace, and easily stolen or damaged. A computerized system means all the essential information is compiled in one place and easily accessible to authorized personnel. This information is also backed up so crucial data is not lost during a fire or other disaster.


Increased Productivity

This software also increases productivity. A facility manager doesn’t constantly need to hold meetings, ask for information from different sources, or follow up with staff members to ensure they fulfill their duties. All the news the manager needs to make decisions is easily accessible in one place. This drastically reduces the amount of follow-up and other non-essential tasks he has to do, allowing him to concentrate on his primary duties or responsibilities.

Better Security

CAFM can be integrated into a facility’s security system such that it is possible to track movement and access in different parts of the building. CAFM software can track who is permitted to access certain parts of the building and when. This enhances accountability and makes it easy to track personnel and their movements.

Improve Compliance

Compliance with safety and health standards is a mammoth task for large facilities with huge inventory. A CAFM system, such as a collective view, helps keep track of compliance information and makes this data available to the manager when needed. The manager or staff does not need to go through every single inventory item to ensure compliance physically.

Choosing CAFM Software

CAFM software benefits are undeniable, but it is necessary to implement the right system to enjoy the most help. Some of the essentials to keep in mind when choosing a software and service provider include;

  • Assess your facility needs and non-negotiable areas where you want to see results. This helps inform you of which software package to choose and the useful features for your facility.
  • Crunch the numbers to figure out if you can afford the system. Find out how much the software, implementation, and maintenance costs, and any additional charges. Figure out the return on investment you expect to see to decide if this is your business’s best decision.
  • Choose user-friendly software. The system needs to be easy for everyone involved. Ensure that all staff members using the software can plan work, run reports, raise requests, and input data with basic computer skills.
  • Finally, choose a stable supplier. It would help if you had a guarantee that your supplier will still be in the business many years down the line for support purposes. Check the company’s references, experience, and history to determine the dependability of the prospective supplier.

CAFM software is a positive move in the right direction. With the right software and a stable supplier, you should see a good ROI and efficient facility management processes.

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