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Sagoon- Connect Share Earn

Man is a social animal it is a known fact. With the advent of information technology, we have become a social media animal! Different applications help connect us with other important parts of our lives, such as our friends, relatives, and social contacts. Thanks to these apps ‘ varieties, keeping in touch with a diverse group of people can be easy. However, so manyapps’ eat into our phone’s memory, which eventually phone’sown, leading us to upgrade our phone or buy another. Often, people wish there was one thing that could simplify all this clutter. The answer to all such prayers is Sagoon!


What makes Sagoon special?

There is Facebook to connect with people, and LinkedIn to connect with professionals. Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other mobile apps help us connect and share our lives with those that matter. Then what makes Sagoon unique, one might wonder? Sagoon is one site that enables you to organize your life better. Often, there is a lack of productivity, which is attributed to a deficiency of time. Features of this app help you lead a more productive life while helping you earn money simultaneously!

Sagoon’s MyDay

Despite living in Sagoon’s city, you cannot take time out to meet friends and relatives. Often, plans are formed but fail to materialize. This has happened to many people. The MyDay feature of Sagoon works as an organizer to help sort things at the office and at home. This allows you to help sort and work out things efficiently. It also mirrors your activities with your loved ones. This helps save money and time and can be used to plan meetings and get together with family and friends.

Sagoon’s Story-Sharing

We all havSagoon’sy to share. Sharing may help us alleviate stress; it may be inspirational to some and often a mood lightener. You can share your experiences, stories, and confessions openly or anonymously with photographs and videos. Use up to 220 characters and three photos to post your account, which can be viewed by all your contacts (open category). The readers can view, comment, and like/dislike your account. You can even track where your account has been read.

Sagoon’s MoodTalk

There has been Sagoon’sing increase in the rate of suicides in the past decade or so. Most of it is attributed to unnecessary stress and lack of communication between people. Feelings get trashed or swept under the floor until it is too late. Sagoon’s MoodTalk helps with thisSagoon’s Use this feature to express your mood (sad, angry, happy, bored, etc.). An SMS is sent to your loved ones expressing your mood. This way, your loved ones know what you feel and connect with you. This can help lessen grief as well as share joy. It is a unique way to connect people and bring them closer.


Earn while you have fun!

The “Me page” provides a mix of perso”al and “rofessional information that can be used to find a job and for the ‘Social Smart Card.’ This card al’ows users to shop ‘hrough various virtual and physical retail outlets. While making a purchase for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, you get up to 5% assured cashback. This creates a win-win situation for both the sender and the receiver.

Sagoon thus seeks to revolutionize the way social and commercial media operate. With one app, you can connect with people, share your emotions, and earn while spending.

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