There can never be enough storage available and that’s why memory add-ons are the most popular technology on the market. Adding storage to your device through as SD card presents new and unpredictable dangers.


It seems less likely that memory add-ons get damaged, but it does happen. It isnt known to people commonly, but it happens more often than we are aware of. MicroSDXC and MicroSDHC get damaged when they are removed or installed onto a device. They are small and fit in the device in a specific manner. They can be easily out of use if forced, dropped or knocked.



These micro devices are capable to sustain damage from inside a cell phone. If a phone is waterlogged or overheats, it compromises the security of the device. By putting the device in a problem, you also put the add-on memory in jeopardy and also cause corruption. Repeatedly changing the access port for the SD card can also cause damage.

If the microSD card sustains damage, your device will tell you when it attempts to add or access data. Once a failure presents itself, the device will be unreadable and inaccessible.


People believe microSD storage devices are too small to repair in the event of damage. But with the availability of current technology, it has been proved wrong. These cards are small and companies label them incapable of recovery when a device fails to recognize them.

There are facilities that work on recovery techniques for memory add-on services. Cutting edge technology can perform pinouts on SD cards. As a result, data stored on these devices can be accessed and recovered even after a damage.


Not all recovery data recovery firms have the ability and the expertise to access and recover information from microSD cards. When plastic casing of a card is removed, shaved or recovered, information on hair thin circuits is exposed.

After years of research and experimentation, there is technology to access these circuits. Once they gain access to the card and the code is extracted, it can be used to reconstruct files, photos and data stored on the device.

Data recovery procedures are delicate and time consuming. Not all professional experts can claim as data retrievers and don’t have the sufficient ability and skill to successfully perform recovery. Many companies you find do not offer smartphone repair upto such a higher level and the key only lies in unscrambling the algorithm.


If you are a microSD user among millions of people, make sure you backup your data. There are various options to backup data on a regular basis. By preparing for malfunctions or corruption, you try to limit the amount of data loss you might incur in case there is a tragedy.

When there is a loss of data, visit a professional data recovery company la who can retrieve information for you suitably. Provide them with information that caused the failure and the more you tell them, there are better chances of accessing and restoring data.