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Unique Ways To Use Fiberboard In Your Next Construction Project

The construction industry is witnessing the laurels of technological advancements. Within the last two decades, construction materials and processes have changed significantly. In the waking hour, when construction is fast-paced, it is necessary to adapt to the change. Today, drywall and fiberboard construction have become the norm and are widely used by architects and contractors worldwide.

Unique Ways To Use Fiberboard In Your Next Construction Project 1

Fiberboard is a highly flexible construction material that serves a host of applications. It can be used in multiple ways to construct or renovate a space. From wall-partition systems to the home exterior – fiberboards can be incorporated into any construction application.

Here are some unique ways to use fiberboard for your next construction project:

1. Exterior Siding

D:Napol TradingCMSPhotosรูป Site Reference คัดแล้ว - ทำเว็บExternal WallWood Plank�07WP - BA - Gloria Jeans Coffee Shop, Dhaka, Bangladesh 01.JPG

D:Napol TradingCMSPhotosรูป Site Reference คัดแล้ว - ทำเว็บExternal WallWood Plank�11WP - IR - Bam Tehran Restaurant 01.JPG

Fiberboards are getting increasingly popular as an exterior siding material. Besides being more durable than conventional alternatives such as wood and vinyl – fiberboards are also extremely resistant to external factors such as UV rays, rain, temperature changes, and salt spray. Not only this, fiberboard by brands like SCG Smart Build is also termite resistant. If you think that was all, fiberboards are also available across various styles, textures, and colors to suit varying needs. Fiberboards for external siding make a lot of sense for architects, contractors, and consumers. Architects can try new styles as fiberboards can be curved and used for soffits; contractors can quickly apply fiberboard to finish a project. Consumers can have a superior finished product.

2. Underlayment for Tile Flooring

Fiberboard, a new entrant in the construction world, has not been fully utilized. However, its applications extend far beyond as a material for building walls. Fiber cement boards make up the perfect underlayment for tile flooring. Typically, bathroom and kitchen floors can use fiberboards to provide a sturdy surface for laying down tiles and are waterproof. They also prevent tiles from cracking and breaking while providing a rigid surface.

3. Substitute for Tiled Walls

D:Napol TradingCMSPhotosรูป Site Reference คัดแล้ว - ทำเว็บInternal WallMoisture ResistanceDrywall Water Resistance SCG for Kitchen - Solution 3.jpg

D:Napol TradingCMSPhotosรูป Site Reference คัดแล้ว - ทำเว็บInternal WallMoisture ResistanceDrywall Moisture Resistance SCG - Solution 2.jpg

Fiberboards are an ideal substitute for backing boards – especially in kitchens and bathrooms. They are strong and waterproof, making them a perfect construction material in areas that are usually damp. Some brands also offer fiberboards that are mold-resistant – preventing the breakage of material. Not only do fiberboards provide a smooth finish to work on – they are highly durable and can stand the test of time. There are several places where fiberboards can be used in kitchen and bathroom areas, including kitchen counters and shelves.

4. Roofing

D:Napol TradingCMSPhotosSmartboardแผ่นฝ้า Smartboardฝ้าสมาร์ทบอร์ด กลุ่มระบายอากาศscg-smartboard-ventilated-3-inches-lining-04.jpg

D:Napol TradingCMSPhotosSmartboardแผ่นฝ้า Smartboardฝ้าสมาร์ทบอร์ด กลุ่มระบายอากาศscg-smartboard-ventilated-3-inches-lining-03.jpg

Fiberboards are highly versatile and can have several applications – inside and outside. They make up for a perfect use case as a low-slope roofing material, from shingles to the backing. It can be used as a sheathing material for walls and roofs.

5. Soundproofing

D:Napol TradingCMSPhotosรูป Site Reference คัดแล้ว - ทำเว็บInternal WallAcousticS__11108470-1024x682.jpg

Noise is often a concern for homeowners as well as businesses. People want soundproof rooms for privacy and to not disturb the outside world. Fiberboards are a perfect construction material if you want to soundproof your room. It is one such USP of fiberboard that brands highly leverage for all the right reasons. Fiberboards can hold the sound of up to 66 decibels, making them a perfect material to be used in meeting rooms, bedrooms, and such.

7. Insulation

For colder areas, fiberboards can be used as a construction material that provides insulation. The fiber cement construction material can absorb more, preventing the weather from affecting the inside of a building. Fiberboards typically have a galvanized frame and are filled with a specific material that makes them resistant to weather changes while providing insulation from the environment.

Fiberboards have come a long way since their first use. There are many other ways to use fiberboard, including using them as a furniture material, interior applications, vapor barriers, and more. However, apart from the uses – one of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of fiberboard is that they are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. The material does not fade or chip and looks good as a finished product.

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