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How to increase followers on Instagram: 5 tips for brands

Since its launch, Instagram has seen its traffic grow very quickly.

The ease of taking pictures with the mobile, the opportunity to develop its community for free, and the chance to interact with Instagrammers are many reasons that make the social network a real fad.

By cons, what to do with an account with three followers?

The question then arises: how to increase the number of Instagram followers?

Brands are now naturally turning to this social network to speak. We’ve studied the best practices on Instagram and listed the tips for your brand.

1. Increase the number of subscribers with the right content


Do you go on Instagram? The best way to buy Instagram followers or get them for free is to share value-added content.

The Starbucks brand is a model in the field. Each published visual is of quality and creates a positive feeling around the brand. The values of sharing, quality & assurance of having a good time are expressed in the proposed photos.

To ensure quality, some brands do not hesitate to use photographers recognized or about to become.

Allowing the emergence of young talent is a bet that can pay off for brands because it is financially more interesting and shows a prescribed image for the brand.

2. Follow similar Instagram accounts and influences

Instagram icon to start on Instagram, you can instantly find users who already publish content in the theme of your brand or business.

The easiest way to do this is to use hashtags to find existing content and track those potential users.

Use the Instagram search engine to find and follow users who share the same interests as your brand. Always using the search engine, identify the influences on your topic and ensure you interact with them and enjoy their visibility.

Tip: How to boost his Instagram account? Use the Explore section on the Instagram mobile app to find recommended users and photos!

3. Always comment on his photos

How Instagram is not just a place to add photos. Instagram is also present to discuss. Your brand will be popular if you create these exchanges with your subscribers as users follow the brands to chat with them.

You can easily create engagement and make your brand appealing by responding to most comments received.

Tip: You generate more engagement from users if you respond to all your feedback!

4. Increase your Instagram followers by using popular and relevant hashtags

Instagram hashtag-mode

Hashtags are useful for getting new followers on Instagram. Use the Instagram search engine to identify hashtags that work well with your brand universe and see if these hashtags are popular.

Tools can also help you identify the best hashtags for your brand. Then, use these hashtags in each of your posts. Your photos will be placed on Instagram and give visibility to your brand.

Once your community has reached an interesting size, you can create your tag. It may include a product name, slogan, or name, including your brand’s reputation. For example, Abercrombie and Fitch uses #AFStyle, and Coca-Cola tags its posts with #ShareaCoke.

5. Geolocate your Instagram photos

Geolocate Instagram pictures: Instagram allows the geolocation of the photos you add. Instagrammers look at the images of places they like.

You will gain visibility and increase your followers by sharing photos in popular places.

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