Remotely Monitor Your Teen through Android monitoring App


Are you worried about the mobile phone activities of your children? Do you think your children do not understand the importance of screen limits? This is the time to track their mobile phones with the help of monitoring app. The mobile phone monitoring app will let you supervise their online and offline activities on mobile phones. You can read their messages, listen to their calls and track their social media chats without accessing their phones. Whomsoever your kids are in contact with and whatsoever they do in their real and digital lives can remotely and secretly be monitored through the spy software.

How to Monitor Android Phone through Android Spy App

There is no need to hire a spy agent to watch out the activities of your children because you can use their Android mobile phones as a tool to spy on them. Installing the mobile phone spy app on the Android phone of your children enables you to keep tabs on the mobile phone activities of your kids. After installation, the monitoring app starts accessing the phone data and uploads that data to the online account of spy app. Parents can log into that account with secret credentials and see the messages, photos, internet history and emails of children on that online account.

What Can the Android monitoring app do?

There are several functions that a bugging device can perform to enable parents to track their kids’ doings. We have shared here a few of the complete features of the Android monitoring app.



Monitor Messages

The Android monitoring app accesses the messages stored on the Android phone of your children and uploads to the secret online account from where the parents can monitor the messages received and transmitted by their children including the text messages, voice messages and pictorial messages. They can also see the time and phone number of the message sender or receiver.

Tap Phone Calls

Do you know from whom your teen girl is receiving phone calls? The monitoring app lets you keep tabs on the phone calls of your children. It automatically records the incoming and outgoing calls of your kids and lets you listen and download these calls. It also shows you the call time, call duration and contact number of the caller or recipient. Moreover, the spy app shows the detail of the voice calls made and received via instant messengers.

Track GPS Location

Remaining aware of the whereabouts of your kid is among the prime responsibilities of the parents. The Android tracking apps keep you aware of the exact current location of your children. It also shows you the location history and lets you mark several locations to bar your kids’ entry in those marked locations.

Password Chaser

Keep tracking kid’s device with password chaser and get your eyes on the 4-digits password and pattern password remotely. The user can remotely monitor the screen of a target phone device when a target user is setting pattern and digit password that empower a user to read the password secretly.

Note: Password chaser does not provide access on sensor password and hidden pattern password.

Spy on Social Media App

Today’s teens never want to take a break from social media. They dedicate more time to social networking apps than to their studies and other activities. The Android tracking app lets you monitor the activities of your kids on popular social media apps including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. You can read your children’s chats and see their social media posts and media sharing.

Screen Capturing

The screen capturing feature of Android tracking app lets you track the real-time activities of your children on their phone. Whether they are sending an email, accepting a friend request on Facebook or capturing a photo of them, you can record everything that appears on the targeted Android phone.

Monitor Internet Use

Supervising the web surfing activities of your kids enables you to prevent them from exposing to adult or inappropriate content on the internet. The monitoring app shows you the internet browsing history of the targeted phone consisting of the time and date of visiting each website and searching information.

Track Emails

Email is the commonly used tool for hacking and spamming. Your kids might be receiving phishing emails from the hackers containing malicious and infected links and attachments. Responding to such emails can make you lose control over your devices. The tracking app lets you read the received and transmitted emails to your children so you can ensure not any malicious email is received or responded by your kids.

Retrieve Photos and Videos

The spy app lets you see the photos and videos saved on the Android phones of your children. It includes the saved, hidden and deleted photos and other media files. Also, you can download these files from the secret account.

Control Apps

The Android surveillance app lets you take control of the apps installed on the targeted phone. You can block, unblock and uninstall the mobile apps from your kids’ phone. Also, you can lock and unlock the phone.


The Android monitoring app enables parents to remotely monitor their kids’ mobile phone use with an aim to protect them from the threats in the real and online world.


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