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Let there be light: How to Set Up Your Retail Lighting

You’ve been through every detail of your business: you devised the right business plan, sorted out an approachable marketing plan, and formulated an airtight budget. Now that you’ve been through all the essential steps, it’s time to head your focus on your business’s interior.

While it might not seem very enjoyable – one big aspect of planning your store layout is the lighting. Since the type of lighting you currently installed in your store may seem trivial, it can make or break a customer’s mood in your shop, so it’s quite important to get it right. For instance, people avoid harsh fluorescent light placed in their dressing rooms, nor would you expect to find dim – or relaxing yellow light in a bakery.

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Why is retail lighting so important to your business? 

Retail lighting is the key to making people feel at home in your store and enticing them to buy. According to retail specialists, the right retail lightning does way more than simply illuminate your shop. When installed properly, retail lighting can set the atmosphere and mood, guide people to key areas, and offer your consumers an overall experience. And there’s no secret; it’s all about proper planning. A proper-lit product can easily direct a customer’s attention. Decent lighting is everything. It means creating an active floor plan with great attention to lighting fixture placement, color temperature, and brightness. So, achieving the right retail nightscape isn’t complicated once you understand the techniques and principles behind designing a perfect retail lighting plan.

Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is necessary to highlight specific areas, décor, and displays around your shop. The sole purpose of accent lighting is to make products visible and add a sense of importance. Therefore, if this topic interests you, you can start experimenting with various accent lighting types that can draw customers to particular areas in your retail space, such as products within nook display and shelving, on walls, or in windows.

Accent lighting can also be incorporated behind or into displays as backlighting or used to lighten tedious corners in your shop.

Task Lighting 

As the name suggests, this type of lighting is used to illuminate spots where lighting is necessary for certain tasks and purposes. That includes dressings rooms, checkout counters, service desks, stockroom areas, or back office.

It’s a good move to install task lighting after installing lightning, as you can move easily in areas that require highlighting with extra effect or brightness.

When installing task lighting like LED strip lights, it’s essential not to overlight the area, as too much light can minimize the area’s significance or eliminate its effectiveness.

Decorative Lighting 

Decorative lighting adds a decorative aspect to the lightning tactics we covered above, plus it allows you to have a little fun. Unlike other lighting alternatives, decorative lighting is completely ornamental. Maybe during the holiday season, you enjoy hanging strings of lights. The same goes for your store; even though a strand of colored lights doesn’t illuminate much of it, it can set your business’s mood or tone.

Decorative lighting will bring your store a much-needed personality, but try to avoid overusing such fixtures. The shop could look cluttered, or even worse, decorative lights could disperse the functional lighting.

Lighting is part of a larger in-store system for your brand and retail business. We now hope this article helps you better understand the importance of lighting for your customer experience and sales.

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