Tuesday , September 27 2016
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6 Tips for Better Mobile App Branding

You had a great idea for a mobile app. You sicced your best developers on it. You back-tested and de-bugged six ways from Sunday. The thing works perfectly. So, are you ready to go live? Not quite. You’re missing one of the most important mobile app ingredients: cohesive, effective branding. According to PR guru Rosemary Plorin in her recent blog …

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Popular Apps for iPhone


Introduction The iPhone is one of the best inventions to come out of the Apple Company, giving users a compact device which carries the same quality and attention to detail that they have experienced on a Macbook or iPad. To make this experience even better a host of apps have been created to explore the features of the iPhone. You …

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Office Remote app will let your Windows Phone control presentations

Microsoft has taken the covers off the place of business far off, an app that lets you regulate Microsoft administrative center right from a windows phone. Basically, it is going to act as a faraway regulate, which could prove to be useful if you have shows to make. The app is a home windows telephone eight unique and the result …

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Ouya, apps, and the future of gaming


Ouya, apps, and the future The annual Game Developers Conference, which attracts tens of thousands from the gaming industry, had all of the usual players this year: Nintendo, Sony, EA, Activision, etc. But they weren’t the only players in town this week at GDC. There was plenty of buzz about Ouya, the new $99, Android-based gaming console that broke Kickstarter …

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30+ Beautiful Holo-Designed Android Apps

Holo first saw light in Android 3.0 for tablets and has since found popularity in Android 4.0 and above with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean. No doubt the best looking aspect of stock apps, it was only a matter of time before the design principles started to make their way into third-party apps. In this roundup, we’re going to take …

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