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Android malware variant pretends to be a security app

Android Google’s Android mobile platform is the target of a new variant of a widely used malware capable of stealing personal information. The latest Zeus malware masquerades as a premium security app to lure people into downloading the Trojan, Kaspersky Lab reported Monday. The fake security app, called the Android Security Suite Premium, first appeared in early June with newer …

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Ever since the advent of the first Blackberry phone, then later, the unveiling of the iPhone, apps have transformed the way that we live. From navigating through traffic on the least bogged down roads to documenting our social lives out and about, it feels like these devices that were introduced not so long ago are now an inextricable part of …

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Get the big picture with iOS 6 panoramas

iOS Ability Of iOS Panorama images provide a broader view of the world than typical photographs. With iOS 6, Apple brought the ability to create these big pictures to a pair of mobile devices: iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.   This is a typical panorama shot with an iPhone 4S.   Two things distinguish the Panorama option in the Camera app …

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6 smartphone apps to help fight Hurricane Sandy’s fury

apps If you live in the Northeastern United States and are bracing for Hurricane Sandy’s wallop, your smartphone can become a handy tool if disaster strikes. The so-called megastorm (Sandy measures more than 900 miles across) is expected to have a major impact in highly populated areas, including New Jersey and New York. Here’s a list of handy uses for …

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More major Windows 8 apps published; Nook app is MIA

Windows 8 At the moment, over 9,000 worldwide apps are now available to download in the Windows Store for Windows 8 users. Even more apps are beginning to appear in the Windows Store after Friday’s launch date for Windows 8. New Apps Of Windows 8 One of the new apps, which was actually demoed at Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch event in New York …

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