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The Galaxy S10 and S10+ (and S10e) are fantastic smartphones. We reviewed them (here and right here), and in lots of ways, they’re the very first-rate Android has to offer right now. But they may be now not best, and at the same time as some of the ones imperfections cannot be ironed out with a toggle right here and a choice there, tremendously many can. We’re going to break down 25 of our favorite hints and hints for making your excellent smartphone even more wonderful, or even Galaxy veterans may discover a few matters right here they didn’t know approximately. Samsung’s One UI packs a whole lot of changes, and whilst many of them are steps inside the proper path, we know a few are in all likelihood a chunk annoying to lengthy-time Android customers. We’ve tried to address problems with the inventory software program’s conduct, appearance, and performance by using simple, integrated techniques. So, without a similar ado, let’s dive in.


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Customize your display

The S10 has one of the nice and brightest panels round, which means that it is pretty a good deal the best component you will see whilst observing the phone. Because of that, let’s take some steps to make it greater non-public and adapt it for your wishes.

Hole punch wallpapers

Samsung formerly mocked the iPhone X’s notch, making it not going for its flagship to have one. Instead, the manufacturer preferred to residence the front digicam in a hollow punch, which’s exceptionally extra discreet. What it did not necessarily assume, even though, is that plenty of customers could embody that layout characteristic and use it as a manner to combine it into their wallpapers. So in preference to looking to hide that hollow, pick a pleasing wallpaper and show it off!

Choose the coloration tone you want

By now, you understand the S10 has one of the pleasant presentations around. However, its color tone is set to Natural by default, which isn’t as sharp because of the Vivid setting that gives more intense and immersive pictures. To prompt it, visit Settings -> Display -> Screen mode. If you suspect it is too difficult in your eyes, you could usually transfer back to the blander option.

Turn on Night mode

Night modes have been, to begin with, designed to be less difficult on the eyes, but lots of people notion they also looked top-notch all through the day and wanted to apply them all of the time. Plus, they assist store energy on AMOLED displays because the black pixels do not want to mild up. In truth, darkish modes are so popular that lots of applications now characteristic them, and Google is also operating on a gadget-extensive night time subject for Android Q. As regular, the Korean firm is in advance of Google and has already carried out its own, which applies to Samsung apps and the gadget interface. You can flip it on by using gaining access to Settings -> Display -> Night mode.

Screen decision

The S10 and S10+ both have magnificent Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED monitors with a top decision of 3040 x 1440 pixels. However, if you want to store the battery, the latter is set to simply 2220 x 1080 pixels by default. While I apprehend this is less electricity consumption, it’s a disgrace to turn one of these perfect panels right into a decrease pleasant one out of the box. Some human beings declare they don’t see the distinction, but I’m blind as a bat, and I can guarantee you I observe the progressed sharpness. In any case, it is quality in case you judge for yourself, so head over to Settings -> Display -> Screen decision to look at which one you decide upon.

Change the house display screen grid layout.

One of the primary matters many strength users do while setting up a cellphone is to exchange its launcher. With One UI, Samsung is making an attempt hard to make you preserve the default apps by giving you approaches to personalize them while not having to use a 1/3-birthday party software program. I should admit the default home display screen at the S10 is pretty neat. For instance, you may pick out how many icons/widgets appear on the grid to maximize the variety of items on the screen or display larger icons. There are different alternatives available such as hiding the Apps button and locking the format to avoid accident shifting items. To personalize these types of, visit Settings -> Display -> Home display.

Customize font size and fashion

You can personalize your S10’s interface by way of changing the default font length and fashion. The telephone comes with 5 preloaded typefaces, with greater available on the Galaxy Store. This is likewise helpful if you’re far-sighted, as you could use a larger and ambitious font to use your telephone without having to put on your glasses. You’ll be able to choose your favorite alternative below Settings -> Display -> Font size and fashion.

Customize Always On Display

Always On Display with ease indicates the date, time, and notifications whilst your display is locked. Several factors can be custom designed consisting of the clock style, what form of facts to show, the brightness, and most importantly, the agenda all through which AOD ought to become on — I tried leaving it on all of the time, but it troubled me at night. AOD is in Settings -> Lock Screen -> Always On Display and Clock Style.

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