What Are The 3 Highest Medals You Can Earn In The Military?

Most people think military medals are quite simple and do not have much variation. However, to most people’s surprise, there is a lot of information about army medals that not all people know. In general, military medals are a weighty topic as they are the medals made for different rankings within the military. The people who are awarded these medals are worthy of respect and honor as they are always courageous and brave. Most of the soldiers who get these types of medals have shown some bravery and act of heroism in the military field, which is admirable.

However, as discussed earlier, there are ranks regarding these medals. Suppose you do not have any information about them and are eager to know about them. In that case, this is the right place to look for, as this article is arranged to provide information about the highest three medals that could be earned in the military. So stay tuned and follow up.

Following order top three medals you can earn in the military:

Congressional Medal of honor

This model is presented to the higher standard soldiers. The people who get these medals are known as the pros in the military. This is the highest-ranked military honor anyone can ever have. This award is also considered by the military Academy Award and the nation’s president, so many people tend to the card to gain this Medal of Honor.

The main criteria of this medal are to perform well under force and upfront. You need to perform all your missions according to the military’s standard in the enemies’ presence. If you perform well in wars like civil war and old war, you can get this medal.

If we notice the US, there are a lot of variations of this same medal. The US army has a different Medal of Honor. The US Navy also has a different Medal of Honor hand same goes for the other troops. This model was originated in the year 1963. the purpose of this metal was to acknowledge the best people in the military

The Navy and the Air Force cross

this medal has multiple names; however, it holds a lot of meaning in the military circle. This is on the second-highest position off high-rank medals one can have in the military. This medal is given to people who branch out and enhance the troop’s capability they are in. this is also as important as the Medal of Honor discussed earlier. This award originated in 1918 by the US military to appreciate the soldiers’ teamwork and patriotism.

The Navy cross was originated in the year 1919, just after the US military introduced the distinguished service cross. The president and the nation also recognize this medal as the second most important military award in their military career. To gain this medal, one needs to have a perfect score on military tests, drills, and the field.

While the Navy cross medal is only given to the marine corps members on the nation’s coast guards.

The Silver Star

The silver star stands on the third position on the list given to people who have shown an act of bravery and courage. This medal was originated in 1918, and after some time, this was redesigned around the year 1932 with a change in metal.


This was all about the information gathered through research. Each statement is thoroughly researched to present authenticity. Hopefully, this article will assist with all your questions. have a great day.

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