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It used to be that there were gatekeepers to the art world. These were art studios, art colleges, or even private art teachers. It used to be expensive to get the tools and techniques to be a great artist. But that is not the case anymore. Now there are tons of online resources for up-and-coming artists, and as long as you know how to filter through them, anyone has the potential to be an amazing artist.

A few online resources in particular that you can look into concerning the art industry would include videos showing the inside of studios, artist forums, sets of YouTube tutorials, and even social media threads. All these resources will connect you with information and people who can help you establish your artistic career.

Studio Videos

Seeing inside art studios is something that can be extremely inspirational. Many art studios now host these types of videos online to gain particular clients for their art projects. For the aspiring artist, you can look at these videos to see what kind of environment this particular type of instruction provides for people to go to that specific space.


Artist Forums

Another online resource that can help out artists is by going to artist forums. This bypasses a lot of the gatekeeper concept and puts you in direct contact with people who wants to talk to you about art. This can be students, teachers, professionals, and hobbyists. The forum’s point is to bring them all together in an at least somewhat organized manner so that people can ask questions and then get answers directly. Once you learn how to communicate in forums, there is a tremendous amount of knowledge that you can gain for free in a concise period of time.

YouTube Tutorials

One of the best potential online resources for artists who want to work on new techniques is by looking at artistic YouTube video tutorials. Some of the best artists in the world, along with some of the unique ones, have created two channels that you can look at to see how they create their works. Since it is free for them to produce these videos and free for you to watch them, this is one of the premier ways to really get information moving around positively.

Social Media Threads

And finally, you can follow social media threads on certain Facebook pages to get a tremendous amount of information about the art industry. Billions of people are on Facebook. Most major art businesses have a Facebook page. If you start with those seeds and then follow through with the posts and the comments associated with them, you’ll find that there is a tremendous value in the discussions that are had daily.

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