Sticker Market: A keyboard app with stickers, GIFs and more

Stickers and GIFs have been widely popular recently, and there is a reason behind it. Texting and typing words help us send combinations of words and sentences, stickers, emojis, and GIFs to convey emotions, moods, reactions, and more. That’s probably why tons of sticker apps, emoji keyboards, and GIF-generating tools pop up in the market because there is a real demand for them. I bet most smartphone users have one or even more than one of these apps installed on their devices that they keep switching to while communicating online.

Sticker Market Keyboard: Stickers, GIFs, Face Emojis In A Single App

Now, the good news. If you’re one of those who like to spice up your messages with funny stickers and GIFs, there is an all-in-one solution for that. And it’s the Sticker Market app. It’s a powerful keyboard app with the widest collection of sticker sets, millions of GIFs, and several image templates on your keyboard. No app switching is required.


Sticker Market is a platform for stickers, GIFs, templates, and face emojis, where you can find stickers, GIFs, and stuff for just any mood, topic, and conversation. You can find Sticker Market apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store, as well as download the Chrome Extension to use the stickers and GIFs from your desktop.
The best thing about the app is that you can use all the sticker sets, GIFs, and face emojis on almost all top messengers and apps, including Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, and more.


App installation and setup

The keyboard app is available for IOS and Android devices and can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play store. The app installation and setup is a matter of a couple of minutes. Once you install the app, you have to register as a user, which is a pretty smooth process, as you can register using either one of your Facebook or Google+ accounts or register by email. After the user registration, the app will walk you through a quick keyboard setup tutorial. You need to adjust a couple of keyboard settings, and it will be activated.


Once you’re done with the registration, the app takes you to the homepage, where you can see the app’s three main blocks. Those are the Sticker Market, Sticker Keyboard, and Sticker Camera. The app has a simple, straightforward, and pretty user-friendly design and uses a limited color range, making it easy to use the app and access its content.


You can access the menu by tapping the icon in the app’s upper left corner. Under the menu, you can find the list of the app sections, including your downloaded sticker sets, templates, GIFs, and face emojis, as well as your cloud storage information.
Also, there is a setting icon in the lower right corner, where you can access your account settings and change and customize some of the keyboard settings along the way.

Sticker Market

Sticker Market is where you’ll find all the sticker sets, GIFs, and image templates. This section is searchable, letting you search for stickers and GIFs using keywords. The sticker sets are divided into categories, but you can apply some filters and search sticker sets based on pricing, creator type, animation, popularity, etc. Once you download a sticker set, it becomes automatically available on your keyboard. You need to copy a sticker from the set and paste it into your desired conversation. There are both free and paid sticker sets in the app. The paid ones range from $0.99 to $4.99.

The GIF section is also divided into categories, including actions, cartoons, celebrities, memes, movies, etc. The classes are easy to browse, and you can choose to view the available types either in list or thumbnail views.

Sticker Keyboard

The app features a fast and intuitive keyboard, which learns from you as you type. It saves the most frequently used words in your dictionary to make better word suggestions while you order. The keyboard supports seven languages, including French, German, Russian, Spanish, etc. You can easily adjust the keyboard settings, such as the default screen, keypress sound, autocorrect, and word prediction, delete or add comments in your dictionary, etc. There are also two classy dark and light keyboard themes available to match your overall phone style.

Sticker Cam

The app allows you to take pictures using the sticker cam and make your face emojis. You can apply several funny masks and effects to your photos and save them as your face emojis. You can later share your face emojis with friends and family.

For Creators

The app comes with this great feature, allowing illustrators, creative minds, and brands to upload their own sticker sets to the app and have them shared with thousands of people around the world. So, if you want to get a word out about your brand or want to show your creativity off, this is a great chance to take.

Final thoughts

Sticker Market is a fast and user-friendly keyboard app that brings all your favorite stickers and GIFs right in your hand. There is no keyboard switching, no annoying ad popups, and no glitches. Just fun and a good user experience. Give it a try, and have fun while you talk to your friends and family.

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