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8 Technologies That Could Help Your Business Be More Successful

Any business owner should know the importance of using the latest technology effectively in an organization. Today, new technology trends continue to dominate the marketplace in various industries. These tech tools and practices have helped companies increase profitability, improve communication, and fine-tune business plans. Here are eight of the most promising technology tools from the past decade that could help your company grow and be more successful.


1. Big Data

One of the top trends in technology today is the role of big data in business. Big data is essentially a term for using data analytics and visualizations to make decisions. It allows business owners and stakeholders to make better, more informed decisions about marketing, purchasing, and hiring. More specialized companies offering big data services are popping up in the business-to-business marketplace, allowing even smaller organizations to take advantage of the power of data.


2. New Payment Systems

Companies today are also exploring newer ways to take payments from customers. As society gets away from cash and checks for payments, more contemporary methods are related to technology and digital currency. Smart pay systems that use mobile phone technology are becoming more common with consumers. Additionally, web-based payment systems, such as Square and PayPal, allow small businesses to offer a variety of payment methods to their customers, whether online or in a retail store setting.

3. Drones

Drone technology is another advancement that offers plenty of promise to businesses of all sizes. Drones have already made a big splash in real estate, helping agents capture unique photographic angles. Some companies can use drones’ flexibility for shipping, consumer appliances, and transportation devices to reduce expenses on traditionally costly processes. The word is still out on how expansive drone technology will be.

4. Cloud Computing

In many industries related to the internet and technology, cloud computing has already made a huge impact. If your company is a small organization and has a large amount of information or paperwork that needs to be stored, a storage system housed in the cloud could help you save money and save more space for all of your most important company documentation. As software packages and file sizes get larger, storage space becomes more important.

5. 3-D Printing

Another technology that is making huge gains in popularity and productivity for many companies is 3-D printing. This type of printing has revolutionized the medical industry, offering plenty of additional opportunities for other fields. Companies that manufacture parts or other products could benefit from the functionality of a professional 3-D printing system.

6. Hosted PBX

Organizations that utilize customer call telephone centers can also upgrade their technology capabilities with a hosted PBX phone system. A hosted system’s workings are similar to the consumer VOIP or voice over internet protocol phone technology. Companies love how much more cost-effective this technology is compared to a traditional phone system. Some more reasons why a hosted PBX solution may be right for you include better flexibility and increased efficiency.

7. Social Media

Although not technically a technology, social media is connected to the digital age. More businesses are discovering how effective social media can be when incorporated into their business plan. Refocusing your marketing and advertising efforts away from traditional methods, such as print or television, and onto digital social media, the stage can make your company evolve into the 21st century and connect more with your customers.

8. Mobile Technology

Finally, mobile technology is the last big tool for companies of all sizes in today’s high-tech setting. This broad topic consists of improving your website for better mobile access, using smartphones and tablets with your staff to make the business smoother, and incorporating mobile technology throughout your consumer experiences, such as payment and business transactions. The future may see more integration of smartphone and tablet applications into all aspects of the consumer’s life, so your company needs to get on board with mobile technology to make progress.

If your company is still in the dark ages regarding technology for your business, it’s time to make some adjustments. Investing in specific types of productivity technology can help your company achieve its loftiest goals.

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