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Few Imperative Tips for Choosing your First Crossbow

The popularity of crossbow hunting has increased largely in the recent times. It would not be wrong to suggest that the increased popularity has brought an increase in the number of crossbow models available in the market along with the additional features and state of the art technology introduced in the models. You would be spoilt for choices made available for various kinds of crossbows to suit your specific needs.

Despite you being an experienced hunter, you should rest assured to have a difficult time searching for crossbows with a wide variety of options made available online. It would be pertinent to mention here that the number of options made available in the present times would help you simplify the process of choosing the right kind of crossbow for you. It would help you focus on the three essential tips for choosing the right hunting crossbow suitable to your specific needs and requirements.

Tip#1: Understanding the basics

In case, you were new to crossbows, you should take time to understand the basic aspects made available in the crossbow. You should also learn about the various terms used for recognizing the various accessories used with the crossbow. It would assist you in looking forward to purchasing the bow largely.

Find below a summary of a few basic aspects along with terms used for crossbow accessories.

  • Size and weight of the crossbow

The size and weight of crossbow would differ largely. In addition, two crossbows appearing to be of similar size would have different weight. It would be pertinent to remember that size and weight of the crossbow should be deemed of great importance when looking forward to purchasing a crossbow.

  • Draw weight of the crossbow

The draw weight of the crossbow would help you determine the amount of effort needed to raise the bow. It should be remembered that draw weight is measured in pounds. The higher draw weight would make it difficult for the user to draw the string of the crossbow. Usually, it would be the higher draw weight of the crossbow that would add more power to the crossbow.

  • Different limb styles

Presently, you would come across two popular categories of crossbow limbs models. The first would style would be the re-curve crossbow and the second would be the compound crossbow. There have been few sub-categories in the aforementioned crossbow types. You would come across various benefits and drawbacks to every kind of limb. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to look for the right type of crossbow limb when choosing a crossbow.

  • Speed of arrow

It would not be wrong to state that different crossbows would fire arrows at varied speeds. The speed of the crossbow would be measured in FPS (feet per second). Usually, the more powerful crossbows would be the ones having the higher speed or FPS. You cannot deny the fact that speed holds great importance to hunters, as quicker bows would be effective in making the kill. It would give the animal less time to react to the sound emitted by the bow while shooting the arrow.

Tip#2: Consider your stature

The most common mistake made by the hunter when purchasing a crossbow would be purchasing a wrong crossbow without giving adequate consideration to their body type. It would be pertinent to mention here that hunters usually assume purchasing bigger and quicker crossbows. However, they would least consider whether they are comfortable carrying the crossbow or not. It would make a huge difference in making the kill or returning empty handed.

Therefore, if you were short stature, you should consider purchasing a compact and lighter crossbow. It would be highly recommended that you learn to handle the crossbow prior to making the purchase. In event of you looking forward to purchasing a crossbow online, you should visit the local retailer and look forward to handling the crossbow model you intend to purchase online.

It would be in your best interest to try to cock the crossbow and fire a couple of times. It would help you have a good idea and feel about the weapon. You should remember that when you plan to hunt, you should rest assured that it would be impacted by the kind of crossbow you purchase. Walking a few miles every day with a heavy crossbow would add up to your fatigue as well.

Tip#3: Choose the crossbow based on the game

Yet an important aspect to consider when purchasing a crossbow would be to consider the game for which you intend to purchase a bow. You should rest assured that different types of bows would be deemed suitable for different kinds of games.

Quicker animals that you need to hunt would require crossbow having more FPS or speed. On the other hand, when hunting larger animals, your emphasis should be on the draw weight and power that your bow entails. You would be required to ensure that you have adequate draw weight to penetrate the hide and fat of the game.

Therefore, it would be pertinent that you choose the crossbow keeping in mind the game that you intend to hunt. In case, you were hunting a large bear, you should prefer carrying a heavy crossbow with more power. On the other hand, hunting a smaller and quicker animal would require more speed or FPS in the lighter crossbow.

Considering the Price of the Crossbow

When you actually decide on choosing your first crossbow, you might become overwhelmed by your first crossbow purchase. The foremost thing that most enthusiastic crossbow purchasers would consider is the price. You should rest assured that the price of crossbow would differ largely based on the kind of model you intend to purchase.

In addition, you would come across various kinds of crossbows that would have different features to choose from. It would be inclusive of the ones that would be lightweight and heavy, having a scope or not and more. Therefore, you should gather adequate knowledge on the various features and functionality of the specific model of a crossbow on that you intend to purchase.

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