Best Basement Remodeling Tips You Will Come Across Today

Renovating your basement is a great way to boost the quality of your living space and the house’s overall value. However, it isn’t your regular weekend DIY project where you can make any move or buy any product.

Basements are far more complicated than the other parts of your house. There is high vulnerability to structural stresses and moisture issues, and a single wrong decision can land you with costly repairs.

So, if it is your first time doing the full basement renovations, here are some amazing tips to help you through the process and design the basement of your dreams:Basement

Look Out for Any Gaps or Cracks

The first and foremost thing to check in your basement area is cracks in the foundation, floors, or walls. Fix them with a quality carbon fiber crack repair solution, as ensuring structural integrity is crucial before tackling other basement elements.

Create a Well-Thought Design

Every homeowner needs to understand that every basement has unique needs, and there is no way that one design can fit all. You have to evaluate your lifestyle and needs before everything and then later sit down with your basement renovation expert to sketch out a space that is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Add an Engineered Wood Subfloor

Since the basements’ moisture levels are comparatively higher than the rest of the home, you must pick a subfloor that can withstand humidity and is comfortable, warm, and quick to install. Most expert basement contractors recommend a ready-to-use engineered wood subfloor to insulate the area well.

Don’t Leave the Ceiling Unfinished.

You must have come across some beautifully renovated basements with unfinished ceilings. Well, on an honest note, that might save you a few bucks, but considering the uncountable wires, pipes, ducts, etc., that you need to hide away, finishing your ceiling is highly required. For this purpose, you can use plasterboard, perforated panels, or even textured gypsum sheets.

Construct a Good Drainage System

Generally, when homes are built, they include the main floor drain. But when they aren’t very effective, there are several options you can resort to. You can introduce French drains, drain tiles, or a sump pump to keep your entire plumbing and drainage system working smoothly and efficiently.

Get Rid of Claustrophobia

Basement areas can, sometimes, look dingy and extremely compact, triggering a claustrophobic moment when standing there. A great way to avoid that is by allowing enough openings (such as windows and doors) and letting in the natural light and fresh air. If natural light isn’t available, install sufficient light fixtures to make the space feel bigger and more inviting.

Think About Energy-Efficiency

The homeowners need to carry out basement renovation with energy efficiency in mind. Invest in good quality and preferable Energy-Star rates materials to save money and build a completely insulated basement with no means of heat loss.

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