5 “Must-Do’s” When Planning Your Work’s Christmas Party

So you’ve been honored with the job of arranging this year’s work Christmas party. Is your workload already insane, and don’t know how to get started? Follow our ultimate 5-step guide on organizing a memorable Christmas party. Get started now and wow all of your co-workers and bosses with a knees-up that will go down in history.

However, before you get to work, there are a few key things you should define. First, think about the objectives and the formality of the event. Then, create a budget and keep track of all the money you spend on the venue, entertainment, decorations, etc. Third, set the date, create a guest list, and check for school holidays and family celebrations so that all of your co-workers can come to your fabulous party.


The Ultimate 5-Step Guide

  1. Find and Book a Venue

The first thing you should do is finding a venue to hire. And, the sooner, the better, since most businesses, organizations, and corporate offices in town will be doing the same at the same time – planning their Christmas party. Hence, if you want the venue to be perfect, book it asap.

But, before you do this, make sure to check some key things:

  • Venue’s capacity and hire fees
  • Transport from work
  • Private or shared space
  • Food, beverage, and alcohol service
  • Atmosphere

As a bonus tip, if you don’t know the venue very well, think about visiting it before booking. Also, check out if the costs fit into your party budget.

2. Think about Entertainment

Making a playlist of everyone’s favorite Christmas songs is definitely a must-do. However, consider hiring professional entertainers like comedians, magicians, live bands, dancers, or circus performers if you have some extra money. Hiring professionals will take your Christmas party to the next level, for sure.

However, bear in mind the type of your party: day or night, casual or formal, seated or standing. Live bands and stage shows will be the best choice for seated parties. On the other hand, if you’re planning a standing cocktail party, consider hiring roving entertainers who will move throughout the space and entertain all of your guests.

3. Choose the Perfect Menu

If the venue is a restaurant, the menu is a straightforward part of planning. Still, if you go for something different, arrange catering. Plus, you want the food to appeal to all of your guests, or at least as many as possible, thus make sure you know everyone’s dietary needs upfront so that there’s something for everyone.

Furthermore, if you are organizing a formal seated celebration, think about making a seating arrangement so that there’s no confusion. And, mix it up so that the people can mingle with others, not only with their own team.

4. Decorate the Venue

It’s Christmas time, and everyone should get into the spirit and feel cheerful. One way to achieve this easily and add an extra ‘wow factor’ is decorating the space. Surprisingly, but true – the more, the better. Still, stay within the budget. And, although some people may love the religious aspects of the holiday, some may feel uncomfortable. Having said that, opt for commercial decorations. Plus, you can always play with lighting.

5. Organize Awards and Gift Giving

Last but not least, Christmas is the perfect time for thanking employees for their hard work. So, ask your boss to give a thank you speech, even a short one, and make all of your co-workers feel appreciated. Also, this occasion is ideal for giving out awards and mark people’s achievements.

Similarly, in the Christmas spirit, organize gift giving or gift exchange. And, since it isn’t the time for spending lots of money on expensive gifts, settle on a budget and ensure everyone knows what it is. Or, even better, organize a group charity donation and make someone else happy!

In the end, once you’re done with all of the arrangements and details, send invitations to all of the people from your guest list. And, if you’re short on budget and want to cut the costs, send out e-mail invitations.

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