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5 Popular Types of Mechanical Bearings

If you have worked with machines or know a little about mechanics, you are probably aware of the importance of the different mechanical bearings used in machinery. Electricity is one of the major costs involved in the operations of a machine, and controlling such expenses becomes a priority for businesses. Thus, such machinery in employee parts like the day-to-day machinery like cars and computers also use bearings. Multiple bearings rule over the market, differentiating in sizes and various uses. According to their function, they could be constructed in different kinds of metals or even in plastic. Their abilities to reduce friction and survive loads depend upon the usage of the bearings and their type. Let’s explore some of the most commonly used ones.


The Jewel

If you have seen a clock’s mechanics, you could have noticed a jewel bearing, which is used in watches as it reduces the friction between the working automatic parts of the eye. A metal spindle sets its pivot hole apart from the other bearings.


The Magnetic Bearing

Sometimes, the functions of these bearings might also be considered magical. They perform the task provided to them by using the power of the magnetic field around them. Thus, they might not come into physical contact with the actual parts of the machine. The majority of the time, the bearings use electromagnetism instead of the natural magnets; thus, for the smooth functioning of the devices, continuous electricity is necessary.

As the parts work based on magnetism, and there is no physical contact, there is no need for lubricants and regular upkeep. These bearings are usually used in turbines and generators.

The Plain Bearing

If you are looking for a part that will be able to take a lot of loads and would be able to last long, the plain bearing is the thing you are looking for. These bearings can be identified as a lack of rolling capabilities.

Fluid Bearings

A normal bearing might not tolerate the high load and vibrations of the particular moving parts of a machine. Thus, certain liquids and lubricants might help the machine work at high speeds with greater effectiveness and precision. A fluid-dynamic bearing creates a wedge of fats, therefore can dodge any physical contact by rotating at high speeds.

On the other hand, fluids like water and oil might be used as lubricants in hydraulic bearings, which usually use an external pump.


Some of the ball bearings decrease the moving parts’ resistance by helping the pieces to slide and roll. These earrings are relatively weak, as they might get deformed when extra pressure is applied to them as they are directly in contact with the moving parts.

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