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Things to consider while booking meeting rooms

Whether you’re an employee looking for a flexible and convenient space to work on a one-off basis, a small business looking for somewhere free from distractions to conduct interviews, or looking for a good place to meet with new clients- hiring a meeting room can provide a great solution for all sorts of situations.

So, if you’re looking to book meeting rooms, consider these as you browse available venues.



Location is always important in deciding whether the venue is right for you or meets your requirements. Are there good public transport links? Is there a parking facility? Is the platform easy to find? After all, you can’t afford to lose anyone before the meeting starts. Your venue location is important in your deals and work, as it is your clients’ first impression.

How easy is it to book?

Booking rules can make your work harder. Choose meeting rooms you can book online, making organizing your meet-up even easier. Don’t forget to check if they also book at the last moment for sudden meetings.

How affordable is it?

Cost is also important, especially if you need the venue for a couple of hours. Most venue providers will let you hire a room by the hour but will offer reduced costs for half-day, full-day, and weekly, which would be an incentive to hire a longer slot that allows you the facilities of a bit more time.

Is there a reliable, fast WiFi network available?

This might seem like a general point, but ensure that WiFi is included in your room rate and that the internet is up to speed and won’t let you down. WiFi speed should be great; you may need that during your conferences. Before deciding on the meeting room booking, do not forget to check the WiFi connectivity and speed.

Is it big enough?

Pay your attention also to the capacity of the room. Before booking the meeting room, ensure the maximum capacity meets all your requirements.

Is there secure access?

While your meeting is in the process, you might not want just anyone walking in through the door unannounced. That room should be fully secure as you can’t afford any unwanted disturbance during your important meeting.


Also, make sure that everyone who will be in attendance uses the room and bathroom facilities easily.

Is clean-up included?

Not all venues provide clean-up as standard. So keep this in mind and check beforehand if you’ll be expected to leave the platform in the condition you found it.

Are tea and coffee facilities provided?

If any business runs on tea bags and coffee grounds, ensure these facilities are provided. Some venues will also offer catering, but you must ask these things in advance.

Are there AV facilities available for use?

Suppose you plan to connect your laptop to a speaker and flat screen to share important documents and presentations with your colleagues and clients. Before you book, don’t forget to enquire about the AV capabilities of your chosen meeting room.

These are the important points you should consider before making your final decision. And make sure it is well-equipped, secure, and affordable. If you want to learn more about the meeting rooms, keep connected to us.

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