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5 Common Mistakes You Make During Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is not a process it is a journey. You have to keep patience to struggle through a lot of things before you shed those extra layers of fat.

It is often seen that many people start it with a lot of enthusiasm only to give up after a few weeks while others are scared with the name of the gym. In that case, you must consult a weight loss and lifestyle consultant who can guide with the right tips to bring you back on track. Once you have made up your mind, you can achieve your desired weight with efforts and right solutions.

There comes a time when your weight gets stuck during your weight loss journey, that usually happens when you follow misguided or out-dated advice.

Down below are given some common mistakes that you must avoid while losing weight-

1) Eating too Many or too Few Calories-

You need to burn more calories than you consume therefore add that food in your diet, which is healthy and can provide with good calories such as nuts and cheese. Avoid consuming sugary stuff and drinks since calories in them are unhealthy and convert into complex fats.

Conversely, taking a low amount of calories can make you energy deficit and cause illness and hormonal imbalance. I am sure nobody would like to lose weight that way. In short, take appropriate portion sizes.

2) Unequal Fitness and Diet Ratios-

If you have incorporated fitness in your weight loss journey, then it is important to match your diet with your fitness regime. I have seen many people working for hours in a gym and later consuming unhealthy or processed food.

If you exercise regularly, your body craves more food. Therefore, you must add healthy and nutritious food to give you energy and strength.

3) Exercising too much-

Your body requires energy to breakdown fat when you are working out. If you exercise too much and consume too less, your body will become weak. Your efforts will become useless because your body can sustain injuries easily, and your immune system will become weak. This way, you will gain weight rather than losing it.

If you find it hard to maintain a balance between your exercise and diet, then consult a weight loss specialist.

4) Skipping Breakfast-

It is rightly said that you must have a heavy breakfast because it serves as a fuel for the day. Breakfast is the first meal of the day that is consumed after a break of almost 8 hours. So make sure you do it heavy.

If you take in small portion, you may end up overeating all day and if you are eating a low-calorie diet then try taking the majority of calories during breakfast.

5) Focusing on the Scale-

Many people start weighing themselves during the first week of their weight loss journey. Doing it regularly becomes a habit. But people must understand that they will not lose weight immediately. It demands consistency and time before you actually start reducing weight.


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