5 Best Alternatives To WordPress for Beginners

The most critical element of ensuring successful web presence is the Content Management System you choose. It is the CMS that controls the look and feel, layout of the website, among others. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world. It is estimated that about 30% of all websites are built with WordPress. Having said that, there are a number of alternatives available, and these are equally good. Let us take a look at some of them.


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Umbraco is an open source CMS with thousands of installations and is renowned for its great editing facilities and flexibility. As far as site owners are concerned, Umbraco makes your site easy to manage, allowing you to focus on producing top quality content. Umbraco has simple yet powerful content creation and editing tools which make it perfect for create a website for portfolio, design studio or personal page. Umbraco does not dictate at a low level as to how you should operate. You can set exactly how much or how little freedom editors are provided. If the changes that you have made are not exactly how you want them, you can always revert to an older version.

Umbraco takes support very seriously. Whatever the option you choose, Umbraco offers professional support. The support facilities encompass Umbraco’s dedicated core team to the community setup at Umbraco not only permits you to publish multilingual websites straight out of the box, you also have the back-office tools to build sites in the language of your choice. Umbraco’s community site is chock a block with a range of commercial and free packages for all types of tasks. The tool has extensive Microsoft Word support meaning that blog or news page editing can be accomplished without any reliance on the browser.

With more than 409,000 installs, Umbraco boasts one of the biggest CMS installations around.

As far designers go, Umbraco gives you complete control over output and templating with no limitations imposed on design. It also allows you to add design guidelines for your editors to follow. This way you can specify the exact CSS rules that your editors can use within the editor. Umbraco gives you complete control over JavaScript. Coming with a number of starter kits, Umbraco allows you to install sites with great markup while being able to use the editor of your choice, be it Notepad++, WebMatrix, Dreamweaver or Visual Studio. You could also use the integrated web based editor which is web based.

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Joomla is a CMS which enables you to build great online applications and web sites. It is one of the most popular platforms used to manage, organize, build and publish content for blogs, mobile applications, intranets and websites. It is an excellent base to build web applications. Joomla is a widely multilingual open source CMS where websites can be created to be published in various languages without ever having to step outside Joomla. In terms of support, there is an active Forums feature where thousands of individuals get involved. Also, professional Joomla service providers are located all over the world.

Joomla has a built in updater which also has an automated checking software. The automated checker notifies you if any of the Joomla software needs updating. It comes with a Media Manager tool for organizing, uploading and managing your media folders and files. With integration into the Article editor, all images and media files can be easily accessed. The Banner management tool gives you the ability to easily monetize your website. The tool permits you to create campaigns and clients, to add banners and custom codes. The software also has a Contacts component which allows you to add several categories, departments and contacts and extend it with more information.

Joomla search is just about best in its class. With smart search and search built in, your visitors will have a sophisticated search capability available. It comes with smart indexing, auto suggestions searches and options for advanced search. In terms of core CMS functionality, built in modules permit you to easily show the latest items, popular articles, related articles and more. As far as Joomla 3.7 goes, admins are permitted to add custom fields to users, articles and contacts. Joomla supports newsfeed management and syndication. There are more than 7500 extensions available for your website in Joomla.

CMS Made simple

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CMS Made simple is an open source CMS with features comparable to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. It has been written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database. The Content Manager makes content management elegant and easy to do. You can reorder pages with just a drag and drop. Content can be edited with just a click and it requires no knowledge of HTML. A simple editor is provided for editing content and has all the tools used in word processors. CMS Made Simple is designed to eliminate the need to be restricted to pre-made templates.

If you have some knowledge of CSS and HTML, the in-built Design manager can be used to create a full custom design in a short period of time. With the advantages of a built in responsive framework, things are even better. If you want to use an exciting design, you still can. With CMSMS, it is easy to use existing code. All you need to do is to insert some Smarty tags in specific key places. Developers are given complete control over layouts. With just database or file templates and some knowledge of Smarty, you can easily test and edit layouts.

With a complete range of third-party and core modules, a completely documented API and the ability to add PHP code using user defined tags, there is no limit to the complexity of your website. With complete Smarty template inheritance, CMSMS is totally extensible and is the ideal base for your applications.


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SilverStripe is an intuitive CMS and framework which makes it easy to achieve outstanding results. Just like the website builders SilverStripe is extremely flexible and extensible. This means that you are not confined to using a particular design. Customisability is very high. It is noted for ease of use. In terms of security, SilverStripe provides enterprise level support and security, so you don’t have to go through any sleepless nights. At the same time, given the fact that SilverStripe is open source, you have the advantage of being able to collaborate with a large global base of users supported by SilverStripe.

The framework has been designed from the basic elements to be easy to customize and pick up. SilverStripe has been optimized to produce code which is highly reusable. The coding structure promoted by SilverStripe is easy to maintain and read. SilverStripe also has a powerful template engine which has been designed specifically with the frontend as priority. This makes the creation of sophisticated frontend experiences easy. SilverStripe allows you do a launch for campaign pages from the CMS directly without going through any elaborate development processes. SilverStripe also empowers you to quickly refine and test campaigns on a as you go basis.

The communications setup is quite quick so you can own the relevant content and respond rapidly to customer feedback. SilverStripe is designed to be easy to use and easy to learn. It is scalable for large sized websites with thousands of pages. Granular permission controls give you the ability to give access to people to only select areas of your site. SilverStripe has been specifically architected to protect your data from data loss or malicious activity.


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GetSimple is a light CMS based on XML. With a best in class UI, it however comes loaded with features needed by any website. It is ideal for small businesses and smaller entities. With a simple yet powerful plugin system, it is easy to extend on the abilities of GetSimple. It is also easy to develop code for GetSimple. This platform has a growing repository full of pre-authored plugins. While the default HTML5 theme is itself excellent, theme building has been made real easy with GetSimple. Many hosts now offer GetSimple as a single click install which makes it easy to get simple web sites created.

GetSimple uses industry standard methods to secure and protect your data. Interface-wise, it is the easiest interface to learn among all CMS’s. The installation can be customized without adding any extra complexity to the process. The code is fully documented and the product Wiki has all the helpful articles that you need. Apart from that, a forum provides community support of a high quality. With a 5-minute setup process from upload through to setup completion, it has among the zippiest installs going around. It has integrated site backups and supports revisions for all pages. Multi-user capability is supported.

In terms of requirements, GetSimple needs PHP 5.2. It has complete undo protection and supports white label branding. The control panel supported is a full control panel.

While WordPress has a dominant presence in the CMS market, there are a number of alternatives which are equally good and for some feature-sets, even better.

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