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One of the common aspects of people today is data. Data is used by almost all people in the world today. Data is used for both professional purpose and personal use. As data is this much important, users who use data store it in a storage device like computer, laptop, CDs, or any other storage mediums. When these storage devices face any defect, the safety of the data in it becomes questionable. What happens to the data stored in those devices when they fail?

The answer to this question is quite embarrassing as the data stored in those devices lost when they fails. So, what to do to protect those data or to get back those data? One of the best solutions for this is the data recovery software. Data recovery software is the one which is used to recover or restore lost data. Plenty of such software is available today. Let us see one such effective data recovery software EaseUS.

About EaseUS

This is file recovery software which is specially designed to recover or restore lost files and data from any storage. With the use of this software, one can recover data from different data loss situations includes

  • Operating system failure
  • Human error
  • Nonblocking of firewall
  • Virus attack
  • Hard disk failure
  • Partition loss
  • Raw partition
  • Software downloads from unknown source
Features of EaseUS

This software comes with a lot of features in it.


One can avail this data recovery software for different kind of operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It takes full control over the hard drive of the user’s system and utilizes the disk space efficiently.

File types it recovers

This data recovery software free recovers audio, video, image, text, emails, zip files and graphics files

User – friendly interface

The interface of this software is easy to understand and use. Even a new user can work with this software easily and recover files easily

Devices support

This software recover files from different storage devices include USB, flash and Zip drives, digital camera, camcorder, SD cards, hard drives, video player and audio player etc



Language support

EaseUS is available in different languages includes English, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Russian, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Hungarian etc.

Other features

In addition to the above features, the EaseUS has other added features. This software has a preview option by which the user can preview the recoverable files before restore. Also, this software contains two scan modes Quick and Deep which user can use to find any lost file. It recovers lost data from RAW hard drives and from lost partition. Similarly, even the lost data or files are emptied from the Recycle Bin, it recovers those data easily.

Users can perform file recover even after accidental format and recovers disks after hard disk crash. Also, the users are facilitated with import and export scan results option. In addition, users can start and pause a scan and resume it any time after without need to start a new scan again.

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