Best Tips for Creating a Real Estate Website in WordPress

Very few clients will take you seriously if you don’t have an online presence, and if you don’t have a website for your real estate business, you’re throwing money out the window. So how can someone with no website-building experience get setup without breaking the bank? WordPress. It is a website builder and content service that allows you to manage your online world without knowing any computer language, and it has been around for over 13 years. If you’re ready to gain more clients, we’re here to help you get started.


The Beginning

If you’ve never gone live with a website before, there are a few details to consider before getting started. Whether you’re launching a luxury apartment website or just promoting your agent business, you’ll need to register a domain and host your website. Hosting can be thought of as a service that stores your website’s files so that your clientele can quickly and easily access them. and are two great services that will walk you through the process.

Choosing a Theme

Once you’ve installed WordPress and your website is online, you can start customizing it. You can choose from thousands of different design themes to highlight your new apartment listings or property sales. Themes act as a foundation for anything else you add, and many themes even have a listing system.

Using Plugins

A plugin is a functionality add-on for your website that can be used to accomplish various tasks. For example, a plugin called Easy Property Listings can help you set up your listings in minutes. Other plugins like Easy Appointments can set up viewings, plan meetings, and more with just a few clicks. Other plugins will increase the online visibility and SEO of your website, like Yoast SEO. The best part is that many plugins are free.

Getting Ready to Launch

Before you go live, you should do vigorous testing and reviewing to ensure all of your links and graphics work, your images are where you want them, and that there are no typos. Additionally, if you want the ability to search homes for sale in your local market, be sure to work closely with whatever system you are using to manage listings. WordPress allows you to view each page as your viewers would see it before you publish the content.

Finally, make sure to advertise. Once you are set up, issue a press release, an e-mail blast, and market yourself on social media. If your website exists, but no one is there to see it, then all your work will mean little.

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