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Order Data Transfer Made Easy: Magento 2 Order Export & Import Overview

Order management is certainly one of the most important aspects Magento store owners have to take care of. Proper handling of orders and related customer information allows ensuring data integrity and reliability. This further lays a foundation for order accuracy and effective order fulfillment, contributing to customer satisfaction with your services.

Amongst multiple parts of the order management process, order data transferring is an essential one. Migrating data to or from another Magento installation or exporting it to a 3rd-party system might become a tough challenge, especially if done manually.

Orders Export & Import for Magento 2 is designed specifically to address this uneasy task. The extension allows moving order-related information by choosing different data entities, including:

  • Order Items, Order Addresses, Order Payments, Order Payment Transactions, Order Status History.
  • Invoices, Invoice Comments, Invoice Items.
  • Shipments, Shipment Comments, Shipped Items, Shipments Tracking Info.
  • Credit Memos, Credit Memo Comments, Credit Memo Items.

Magento 2 Orders Export & Import: Core Functionality

Lightweight and easy-to-use, the extension provides comprehensive functionality to help Magento admins easily deal with order exporting and importing. Supporting three data formats, including XML, CSV, and Advanced CSV, Order Export & Import embraces the following capabilities.

Order Export

  • Convenient order export features

To make it easy to transfer only the required data, the extension allows store admins to select the exact Order Fields and Order Entities that need to be exported. The module also provides the ability to move only specific order data rather than the entire entity or field.

Order Data Transfer Made Easy: Magento 2 Order Export & Import Overview 1 Order Data Transfer Made Easy: Magento 2 Order Export & Import Overview 2

  • Manual or automatic export mode

Orders can be exported either manually or automatically from the order grid. Automatic order export can be carried out via cron job, after checkout, or once invoices for purchase are created.

Order Data Transfer Made Easy: Magento 2 Order Export & Import Overview 3

  • Different file export destinations

The extension allows moving the file with order-related data to a local server, remote FTP, or sending it out by email. So you can choose the option that suits you best.

Order Data Transfer Made Easy: Magento 2 Order Export & Import Overview 4

Order Import

  • Import to store views

Orders and corresponding customer data can be imported to corresponding Magento store views. To do that, you should define a specific store view.

  • Customer profile creation

When importing orders, customer profiles can be created based on their Billing or Shipping addresses.

Order Data Transfer Made Easy: Magento 2 Order Export & Import Overview 5

  • Import process adjustment

To execute order import properly, you can add new orders or delete the duplicated ones. You may also possibly to replace matching orders with the ones you are going to import.

  • Import history

With access to the history tab, Magento admins can track orders’ import status in real-time and take full control over the importing process.

  • Order data checking

The extension allows conducting data check before importing to spot and fix any existing errors in the data file.

Order Data Transfer Made Easy: Magento 2 Order Export & Import Overview 6

Why do I need a special extension for order export & import in Magento 2?

With its highly convenient and useful functional capabilities, Magento 2 Orders Export & Import extension allows store owners to achieve two crucial goals:

  1. Migrate to another Magento installation with no data loss or damage

Manual order transfer between different Magento installations might result in data inconsistency and even damage or loss due to the human factor. Orders Export & Import takes care of that by quickly migrating the data you need and checking it for errors if any. All the orders, invoices, credit notes, or shipping data will be precisely matched. As a result, you get all your data transferred at minimum effort whilst ensure none of it is missing.

2. Ensure seamless data export to third-party systems

Established eCommerce businesses usually have multiple third-party systems responsible for different parts of the supply chain. Orders Export & Imports allows you to easily export order-related data from your accounting and billing, ERP software, or any other corporate system you use. This way, you make sure that the order data remains consistent across your entire software ecosystem.

Therefore, Magento 2 Orders Export & Import is a proven solution for online retailers aiming at migrating their orders and related customer data while keeping them safe, complete, and consistent.

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