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Web Part for Resource Management in Sharepoint

The Virto Resource Management web part allows you to manage your resources, such as project groups and departments, efficiently. It will enable you to conveniently schedule task assignments for each employee in a date timetable. Virto Resource Management web part supports SharePoint list from SharePoint 2007 – 2016. The following are four benefits of the Virto Resource Management web part.

Use the SharePoint Project management site template - Microsoft Support

1. Organized Interface

In the Virto Resource Management web part, the left leg shows a list of the resources, for example, employees, departments, or the team’s name. The right amount is a timetable that shows tasks, assignments, or errands to be carried out within a specific timeframe. The green color is used when one study is planned, Yellow is used when two jobs are completed within a period, and Red is used when more than two tasks need to be carried out.

The zoom-in/out tool is at the bottom to increase or decrease the font’s display. You can choose a date for the task by first clicking on the navigational arrow and selecting the date. The date can also be determined using the date picker. Virto Resource Management web part recognizes the mouse wheel button as the arrow button.


2. Easy to Create a New Task

Virto Resource Management web part offers two methods to create a task. The first method is to click anywhere on the right amount, and a bar will appear. You can drag the bar to the left or right until it is expanded to the desired duration. The new task window will automatically pop up, and you can fill in all the fields to define the new task in the new job pop-up dialog box.

After defining the task, the newly created job will be listed on the left. The second method is the standard mode, where you click the New button. After clicking the new switch, enter the title and specify the start and end times. The task will now appear on the right chart. To change the task date, drag the job to the desired date. Get more details at

3. Ability to Search Items with the Filter bar

The Virto Resource Management web part features a filter bar that makes it easy to find an item if there are too many tasks listed on the timetable. You enter the task title in the filter bar, for example, the user name, and press the enter key. You can define more criteria for filtering by accessing the Advanced Filter mode. In the Advanced Filter mode, click the add new filter button to specify the filters, for example, due to date and task name. Tasks that show up in the search result will match the filters.

4. Ability to Add a Gantt Chart

The Virto Resource Management web part allows you to include a Gantt chart on the SharePoint page. To add a Gantt chart, you can go to the Gantt settings to create a Gantt chart. You can specify settings like width, height, view width, splitter position, and show outline level. You can use the default time scale drop-down menu to define the Gantt chart’s time scale, such as hours, days, weeks, quarterly, and yearly. It supports color coding and paging mode for customizing the page size, including half and full-page modes.


In conclusion, the Virto Resource Management web part is an invaluable project management software that offers a comprehensive range of tools for managing your company’s resources. It helps you to keep a record of all the assigned tasks in one place.

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