Top 5 Tips on Designing Perfect Custom T-Shirts for Charity Events

There innumerable people around the globe who donate their time and funds to volunteer and support various causes and charities. Such responsible citizens do everything possible to raise money and to promote their causes.

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However, people have realized that to support any charity or cause, it is important to plan a perfect fundraiser activity as custom apparel fundraising has become a great attraction to any charity event. Just like we use to support our favorite sports team by wearing the team’s custom t-shirts, in the same way, custom apparel fundraising gives participants a sense of team spirit, in addition to supporting your cause. Whatever cause you are supporting, a perfect custom printed shirt, hoes, or sweatshirts never fails to creating-lasting impact.

Custom charity t-shirts are a great way to encourage the participants and are used as a promotional tool for the event and its sponsors. Thus, customizing charity t-shirts enables your team to stands out from the crowd during the event. Here we have listed basic tips for designing your perfect custom t-shirt for charity events.

1. Select colors wisely

White is the most common color used for charity custom t-shirts or sweatshirts. However, it is not a wise choice to make. People opt for white colored tees because these are comparatively cheaper than colored ones. It is important to note here that charity events continue for the whole year, and you need to invest in something which can stand the test of time. White color catches stains easily and doesn’t stand out in a crowd.

Your color selection must also be relevant to your cause, like choosing pink color personalized t-shirts for female-related causes. It is also important to consider the weather when choosing a color for your custom t-shirt. If most of your events will be held in the summertime, the light-colored t-shirt should be your preferred option to help keep your event participants comfortable.

2. Simplicity is the key

Charity custom t-shirts are used as a tool to acknowledge all of your sponsors. However, printing the logos of each sponsor on the back of your event t-shirt makes it look messy and perplexing. So, it is best to keep the back of your personalized charity event shirt reserved for just one or two title sponsors. This will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your t-shirt and give an exclusive spotlight to your title sponsors.

3. Logo color and design

Logo design plays a vital role in creating identification for your cause. Your logo design must be clear and understandable to everyone. Avoid using slogans and taglines that only resonate with a small crowd. Here also, your color selection plays an important role. It is essential to use complementary colors of the t-shirt and logo. For example, if your t-shirt is of black color or any other darker shade, then you must use the lighter shade for the logo to enhance clarity and readability.

4. Everyone loves Fashion

A charity custom t-shirt is not necessarily a boring one. In fact, if you opt for the more fashionable and comfortable tee, your participants are likely to sport it at their training runs and other events as well. It is always a great idea to go for high-tech fashion and comfortable fabric like moisture soaking and breathable material to keep participants dry and comfortable I any event.

5. Avoid Dates

It doesn’t leave a good impression on viewers if you wear a shirt printed with 2001 in 2018. Your charity volunteers wouldn’t want to walk around in a shirt that is not appealing to the audience. Since you want your event participants to wear their event t-shirts years from now, it is best to avoid printing dates and years.

Designing the perfect charity custom t-shirts not only boosts your team spirit but also attracts people to purchase your custom t-shirts for fundraising to support your cause. So make sure to get the best design for your most favored cause and charity event.

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