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5 Vaporizer Hardware And Tech Features You Need To Know More About

Vaporizing is an art form. Any vape enthusiast will tell you that each vaporizer has its own set of features that make it unique. If someone is particularly dedicated to their vaporizer or the brand, they may even tell you that there’s nothing better on the market right now. Vape fans will gladly list which types of hardware features make their vaporizer the best.

Many vaping enthusiasts will also talk about the difference between “vapes” and “vaporizers.” If you’re new to the idea of vaping, you may not be aware of their differences. Vapes often refer to pens that are prefilled or use juice, while vaporizers often refer to pens or other tools that vaporize dry flowers/herbs.

This difference is significant to vaping enthusiasts right now because of all the vaping-related deaths and illnesses happening across the country. These illnesses have been attributed to things like black market prefilled pens and juices, which is why learning more about your dry herb vaporization options could be a good idea.

Before you can agree (or disagree) with these kinds of statements, it’s a good idea to know what kinds of hardware and technology for vaporizers are out there. Without knowing what is out there, you won’t be able to choose what you want, or don’t want, in a vaporizer and may just be stuck choosing something because someone else told you it’s the best one out there.

Taking the time to learn about what hardware and tech are available will really help you decide that it’s time to consider buying a portable vaporizer. If you aren’t sure what’s out there, keep reading. Here are five vape hardware and tech features you need to know more about.

1. Many Vaporizers Incorporate Glass Features

Glass mouthpieces or other glass pieces within the vaporizer are used to help give better flavor and a better experience while you’re vaporizing. Arizer was the pioneer of this feature for their legendary Solo and Solo 2 Vaporizer, for which you can find a few pictures and a thorough review here. Still, nowadays, there are many more cannabis vaporizers like it.

You may find that not all cheaper vaporizers out there give this kind of consideration to the type of experience and taste you’ll have while vaporizing. Vaporizers with better hardware and tech have taken this experience into account.

Glass mouthpieces are the most popular way vaporizers use better hardware to make the vaporizing experience even better. They’re great for all vaporizing types, but you may find that vape fans who choose to vaporize dry herbs are especially loyal to vapes with glass mouthpieces.

The dry herb’s flavor hasn’t been removed to make a concentrate, and many enthusiasts want to experience that to the fullest by utilizing a vaporizer that understands how important that experience is while using cannabis.

  • Important Vaping Safety Note:

Many safety concerns have arisen due to vaping, and it’s good to understand what those concerns are. Vaping related injuries and deaths have been attributed to a wide variety of vape products.

While it’s good to be aware of these possible safety concerns, it’s important to note that these injuries are often related to oils and ecigs/ejuice, not vaporizing dry herbs.

If you want to avoid these types of possible safety issues, find vaporizers like the ones discussed here, focusing on using dabs or dry herb. And always remember to purchase your vaporizers and vape products from a reputable, trusted source.

2. Top-Notch Vaporizers Are Using Cutting Edge Materials

In the past, vaporizers have used ceramic or stainless steel for their chamber; newer vaporizers break the mold yet again. Vaporizers like the German-engineered Zeus Arc GT are now using gold chambers and even gold vapor paths. This is creating a user experience no one can quite duplicate as of yet.

The Zeus Arc GT shows that using gold offers the best flavor experience and produces unparalleled vapor while using the vaporizer itself. These are two things that vaporizer enthusiasts love, and with a gold chamber and vapor path, they’re able to get results that please even the most critical fans.

3. The Temps Are Getting Easier To Control

Heating your herb to your preferred temperature has always been one of the biggest questions when shopping for a new vaporizer. You want to know how it heats, how fast it heats, and how easy it is to control the gauges. With new tech and hardware out there, it’s easier than ever to customize your heating and vaporizing experience.

Some vaporizers even have haptic feedback now, so you know when you’re changing a temp or turning something off instead of on. These make things extremely easy to use, and even vaporizing novices will benefit from these most recent features when checking out the latest in vaporizing hardware and technology.

4. They Have Built In Charging Ports

At one point charging your vaporizer was a bit of a hassle. You may have had to carry extra batteries with you or even had to give up your vape to a huge charging stand for several hours. New hardware and tech are coming to the rescue once again when talking about charging your vaporizer and how portable it can be.

Taking a look at vaporizers like the Zeus Arc (brother of the previously mentioned Arc GT), it has a USB charging port that makes charging at home and goes a cinch. You won’t have to worry about carrying anything more than a small cord with you, and a charge should last you at least a few sessions with the newer tech out there. It makes vaporizing on the go more discreet and easier than ever.

5. New Advances Make Them Super User-Friendly

This might seem like a repeat of what you’ve already read, but it bears repeating because it has such an impact on your vaporizing experience. With the hardware and tech advance out there for vaporizers right now, vaporizers have never been more user-friendly than they are right now. All you need to do is check out a vaporizing website or local vape shop to see for yourself.

If you’re worried about a specific feature being too much for you to handle, there’s likely advancement in vape technology that has you covered. For instance, some vapes now only cycle through three temp settings instead of making you choose the precise setting you want. Others offer you a full range of temp settings to choose from.

If you aren’t sure which vaporizer is right for you, talk with your vaporizer shop or online chat help and let them know your concerns and experience level. They will have some excellent recommendations based on the latest developments out there. Don’t hesitate to hold a few and see how they feel before making a final decision. You’ll want to make sure you’re going to enjoy this purchase.


Vaporizer technology and hardware have come a long way from the days of hiding in your home to vape, and I hope no one will notice. Vaporizers are smaller, easier to use, and more portable than many ever thought possible. If you haven’t checked out the latest developments recently, now is definitely the time. You may even find a new vaporizer (or two) you want to take home and try out!

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