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Leelinesourcing is an fba sourcing company based in china that helps suppliers across the world in importing goods from china to the amazon warehouse present in la. Suppliers who sell products through the amazon web site after buying it from sellers based in china can easily avail the services that Leelinesourcing offers to ease up the entire process of transporting goods and that too at a cheap rate.

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There are obviously other ways without taking help of the sourcing agent, but no one would take care of the products like Leelinesourcing does and hence it is worth a try. Other than exporting products Leelinesourcing also provides suppliers with a number of other relatable services which are stated as follows-

  • Inspection- the lot received from the seller is inspected so that the damages products or irrelevant products in the lot can be exchanged before it gets shipped to the amazon warehouse. The entire transportation within china is way cheaper when compared to import and export between two countries and hence in order to avoid that extra unnecessary cost, inspection can play a vital role in making sure that the products received are intact.
  • Labelling- in case a supplier does not have a bar code printer Leelinesourcing offers bar code printing services for its clients. The supplier just needs to provide them with the fba number and the bar code would be printed accordingly.
  • Printing services- any sort of pamphlet or manual that is needed to be printed for the products can be done with Leelinesourcing. One just needs to produce a sample and let professionals do the rest.
  • Packaging- each and every item can be packed with proper material. Fragile items to items that are hard to shape can all be packaged so that it does not get damaged while transportation. Glass and other delicate items are packed in special bubble warps to avoid any sort of cracking.
  • Bundling- the products are bundled up and packed in cartons so that they can reach the destination safe and secure.

All the above-mentioned services can be availed in special prices and one can log on to to see the price for each and every service. One can either ask for a package that involves in all the service or can choose between the same. Along with all these advantages Leelinesourcing also provides services like custom checks and preparing documents according to the country’s law and order so that there is no problem in importing or exporting the goods. Custom check and security documents are all prepared with ease and hence one can completely rely upon the service providers. The web site offers a one- month money back guarantee as well. In case a client is not satisfied with the work done by the Leelinesourcing then one can claim for the amount that one has paid for the services and one would be given back with the amount. It is an ultimate fba sourcing web site for suppliers who buy goods from sellers in china.

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