Why Email Marketing Campaign Should be Your “Sword Hand”?

You might think that email marketing is out because there are now newer forms of Internet marketing. Well, it isn’t. Email marketing remains an important channel for retaining and engaging customers, according to more than 500 marketers.

The same survey revealed that almost 70% of businesses use email marketing as their sword hand in promoting their brands.

8 Ways to Measure Email Marketing Campaign Performance

Companies use email marketing for many reasons. It is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to roll out a big product/company updates, promote a brand, invite people to events, and engage customers (through newsletters).

If you’re consider incorporating email marketing into your business strategy, you’re doing the right thing. It’s better than social media. Below are the major reasons why an email campaign should be your sword hand to achieve your business goals:

Did you know that there are more email users than social media users? Moreover, nearly all social media users have an active email account. This means that you should consider email marketing as part of your advertising strategy, whatever business you’re into. Moreover, statistics reveal that:

However, combining these two strategies can lead to significant results. Research shows that click-through rates increase by 158% when social sharing is included in marketing emails.

Email marketing promotes brand recognition.

Email is easy to communicate with many people, from a few hundred to thousands (even millions!). With just one powerful campaign, you make it possible for most consumers to know your brand. The top three email marketing uses are newsletters, promotional content, and welcome series.

Take note. However, email marketing involves sending bulk emails, so avoiding spam traps is important here. Here are some housekeeping suggestions to avoid getting marked as spam by your subscribers or their email service providers:

  • Keep subscriber lists clean. Do not purchase subscribers. The quality of your list is much more important than the quantity. Implement an opt-in confirmation when people sign up to subscribe.
  • Remove inactive subscribers from your list. Only send emails to those who positively engage with your subscribers.
  • Validate new email addresses to catch typo errors and non-existing email accounts.
  • Use a tool that combats spam traps.

It helps you establish authority in business.

Businesses and marketers use emails to share information and other content that value their customers. Contents like customer success stories, informative guides, tips, and hacks, infographics about how your products are made, and inside stories about your company don’t just promote brand recognition; they also help establish your authority. Through newsletters, you can show people that you are an expert in your field or industry and deserve their trust.

To ensure that subscribers engage with your content, be sure to:

  • Know your audience. Identify segments within your list so you can send them personalized emails or content that interests them. This increases the open rates of your marketing campaigns.
  • Identify their signup sources. Did your subscribers join your list via social media or through your blog? Knowing their signup sources gives you a better idea of how to communicate with them.
  • Decide what to write. You want to send emails purposefully, not just some old marketing hypes. When deciding what content to create, always think about your subscribers and remember what they signed up for.
  • Make your email look professional. Incorporate visual elements, not just text. And don’t forget to add links or a call-to-action button, which should redirect them to the exact landing page they need.


Email marketing is a great tool for promoting your business. Many companies use email as their major marketing strategy for several reasons.

One is that it’s better than social media. Combined with social media marketing, it can greatly increase your conversion rate.

Two, it’s an easy way to promote your brand. You can send one email to thousands of people in just one click.

Third, it makes you an authority that consumers rely on. Creating content that appeals to the needs of the target audience interests of your turntablist, your credibility, and people will learn to trust your company until they become your loyal customers.

When used correctly, email marketing can be your sword hand in achieving your business goals. See to it that your email list contains active subscribers by regularly cleaning your list (removing inactive or unengaged subscribers) to increase your sender reputation and avoid spam traps. Furthermore, create content that is helpful, entertaining, and attention-grabbing.

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