Honest Review Of Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2

With the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple has shifted its focus to fitness simply by adding a Global Positioning System (GPS) to track cycling and running sessions via iPhone. It is completely waterproof and delivers swim tracking. Apple even presented the Breathe app on the Watch to help the user relax. The purpose is clear: Apple is changing the game for sports watch owners.

Here is our full review of this Apple Watch series 2 model. Let’s have a look at the details of the Apple Watch Series 2 in this review article below:

Overview Of Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2 38 Millimetre space black stainless steel smartwatch from Apple with a black sports band or white sports band is the very first hardware modification to the Apple Watch. Among the top new characteristics that the Apple Watch Series 2 has are water-resistant power to up to 50 meters, specially made for swimming, as well as in-built GPS.

Also, the Apple Watch Series 2 comes with a brighter display and a highly powerful dual-core processor. Apple designed unique algorithms after thousands of hours of analysis for two new workout pools, choices, and open water for swimmers.

This smartwatch can count laps, also auto-detect stroke type, as well as track average lap pace to correctly estimate active calorie burn levels. With an in-built GPS, this Watch records accurate distance, speed, and pace for outdoor activities such as running, cycling, or walking without requiring you to take your iPhone with. you

Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch is perfect for health and fitness capabilities in very lightweight aluminum (space gray aluminum) or space black stainless steel cases, along with gorgeous new sports band colors.

Gorgeous new band colors are available with its dramatically brighter display. This Watch has all-new algorithms that are perfect for outdoor workouts and can measure precise distance, total burnt calories, and other health capabilities. With its two new workout options, open water and pool, you can even wear the Watch underwater.


To provide a vivid idea of the Apple Watch Series 2, we have mentioned the specifications of this smartwatch. Let’s have a look at the specification below.

Apple Watch Series 2 Specifications (38mm /42mm)

  • GPS
  • Strong dual-core processor
  • Width: 36.4mm/33.3mm
  • Height: 42.5mm/38.6mm
  • Depth: for both, 11.4mm
  • 1.34″ 272 x 340 (in 38mm model) or 1.53″ 312 x 390 (in 42mm model) Dramatically Brighter display along with 1000 nits brightness (Force Touch)
  • Case weight (without strap): 34.2g/28.2g (aluminum); 52.4g/41.9g (stainless steel); 45.6g/39.6g (ceramic)
  • Battery lasts for around 18 hours
  • Digital Crown
  • Wi Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Heartrate sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters

Features Of Apple Watch Series 2

Here are a few features of this Apple Watch Series 2 that will give you a vivid idea of the smartwatch.

GPS Fitness Tracking

In the 1st-gen Apple smartwatch, the fitness tracking system was a massive aspect. However, it was hampered in this 1st-gen version to some extent by the lack of GPS, meaning that runs can be tracked just by approximation.

Well, that hole has now been filled, and the Apple Watch Series 2 model has built-in GPS. Thus, it can be regarded as a true standalone health fitness tracker device. You can now go for a cycle ride or run and extract the correct information from your activities.


While the 1st-gen Apple smartwatch was water-resistant for 30 minutes to a 1-meter depth, a rating of IPX7, the Series 2 watch comes with a water-resistance rate of 50 meters. So, you can wear this new series 2 Apple Watch even while swimming without it getting spoiled.

The Workout app of the Apple Watch Series 2 tracks open water and both pool swims, precise distance, stroke style, and recording laps. As soon as you start any of these swim workouts, this Watch will auto-lock the touchscreen display.

Screen Of The Watch

This Apple Watch Series 2 comes with an OLED display. This display is over twice as luminous as the original Watch’s screen, as per Apple (updated from 450 nits to 1000 nits). The screen of the latest version feels sharper, even though the screen’s resolution is the same.

Be alert that if you go in direct, then you may find yourself working hard to see what is on display vividly – this’s the technology’s nature.

Health And Fitness Apps

On the wellness front, this Apple Watch Series 2 has good coverage of pre-installed apps: Workout (for tracking fitness to a degree of typical sporting activities); Activity (tracks burnt calories, exercise time in which you have stopped for some time); the Heart Rate; as well as Breathe (helps with awareness and may help with ease even though your mileage may differ.

All 4 of these pre-installed apps are available on the series 1 Apple Watch, even though Breathe was renewed with watchOS 3.


  • Correct swim tracking
  • Good looking, waterproof, comfy
  • Speedy, dedicated GPS
  • Improved alerts and usability
  • GPS onboard
  • Water-resistant
  • 2-day battery life


  • Okay-okay apps
  • Battery life could have been better with the price range
  • Expensive
  • No elevation or sleep option
  • Could be more thorough fitness features
  • Lack of helpful apps

Review Of Apple Watch Series 2

Is this Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch the perfect Watch to buy in 2023? Maybe not. Although the Apple Watch Series 2 is better than the Apple Watch Series 1, it still has some defects. We are not only talking about the expansion of GPS and the waterproofing system here. It is something else.

This smartwatch is expensive, indeed, but it comes with basic features of a smartwatch, like communicating without the iPhone, and notification support is more refined. However, if we talk about the design, then we must say that it will continue to split, but it is lightweight, small, and comfortable.

The Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch is the company brand’s 2nd-generation watch. And it is been a significant hit. This Watch has redirected in numbers and tops the area among the finest smartwatches one can buy. Here are some detailed reviews of the Apple Watch Series 2. Let’s have a look here.

GPS Malfunction

We must say that when we went for a walk with this Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch, the GPS did not work as it claims to work. This was difficult to notice instantly since there is no icon on the screen to display that your activity is being followed in this way – it usually just automatically kicks in.

So we gradually learned that precision was more alarming than usual and increasingly supposed that something was wrong with the GPS. After ending our walk, we were sure that there wasn’t any map on the workout report.

Performance And Speed Test

The Apple Watch Series 1 & Series 2 processors have been modified to the S1P & S2 processors individually. Both are powerful dual-core processors and offer 50% faster speeds than the series 1 model. The GPU (Graphics processing unit) that manages the graphical display has even received an upgrade: it is twice as quick as its prototype.

This healthy upgrade in pace is a helpful addition. However, we feel that watchOS 3 significantly contributes to the experience of users being noticeably faster.


The Apple Watch Series 2 is an advancement on the 1st-gen Watch with useful features. The GPS capabilities and water-resistance power now make the latest version a compelling one. However, the upcoming Series 3 will be the device that truly convinces us it comes with a purpose.

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