Tips and Tricks to Keep your Commercial Kitchen Clean and Safe

Being responsible for keeping your restaurant running smoothly can be a stressful task, but using basic cleaning hacks can make the task of kitchen cleaning a bit easier. A dirty kitchen not only looks unappealing, but it’s a health risk and can quickly cause your business to take a nosedive. Prevent issues by keeping both your customers and employees happy and healthy by following these basic cleaning guidelines.

Tips and Tricks to Keep your Commercial Kitchen Clean and Safe 1

Growing industry

According to current National Restaurant Association (NRA) reports, there are over 1 million restaurants in the United States, and the number is projected to grow in the future. Sales were up 4.3 percent to a total of $799 billion for the industry. The average individual spends almost half of their food budget eating out, which is a big change from the 25 percent average about 60 years ago.


Cleanliness is one of, if not the, most important factor when operating a restaurant. Customers and employees want a clean environment to eat and work in. Customers won’t hesitate to turn to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or a Yelp business page to post a negative review, especially if it relates to being clean. Keep the floors free of grease or liquids to prevent slips and falls, and disorganized areas often lead to injuries. There are plenty of reasons to keep your space clean and organized. It’s also easier to find everything when it has its place. The kitchen cleanliness is of utmost importance.

Challenges in keeping the restaurant clean

Cleaning a restaurant can be stressful and frustrating, especially when it’s a hectic day or part of the day. Tasks such as washing dishes and cleaning the floor require different methods, but both need to be done to keep your business clean. Take the time to properly train employees on what they need to clean, how often, and explain or show them how to do the task. You’ll save yourself frustration and money by preventing mistakes.

Cleaning checklist

Some tasks need to be done daily, others weekly, and a few only once a month.

Tips and Tricks to Keep your Commercial Kitchen Clean and Safe 2

Daily tasks:

• Clean the cooking space such as the stove, fryer, and griddle.
• Disinfect surfaces, prep areas, sinks, and trash cans
• Wipe down equipment that you regularly use, such as the slicer or toaster
• Sweep and clean the floors
• Wipe down splatters on the wall

Weekly tasks:

• Clean the inside of the oven
• Deep clean cleans and faucets
• Sanitize the walk-in freezer and/or refrigerator
• Fully clean the deep fryer

Monthly tasks

• Clean behind the water lines
Clean coffee machines with chemicals
• Clean refrigerator coils
• Deep clean the ice machine
• Empty grease traps
• Do a complete wash of the walls, ceilings, and vent hoods

Proper floor cleaning
A traditional broom and mop won’t clean your floors fully due to the grease buildup. You need to use a product designed to dissolve grease and oil. Once it’s had time to sit, loosen residue with a brush. Newer technologies can get rid of the grease-spreading mop and bucket to keep the floor clean and the restaurant safe.

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