Social Media in 2018: What businesses need to know

Evolution into world of social media marketing:

It’s been more than a decade since the evolution of modern social media platforms began. And now here we are on the verge of a radical transformation of social media in our lives. How often do we see business ads while surfing social media platforms? Lot, right, social media has been the driving business tool for companies as the user base is extremely high in addition to the time spent on the platforms. This makes reaching millions of target audience within seconds and turn them into potential customers.

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Some of the media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the booming Instagram and Snapchat, all have started to run business ads and the bid charged is at an astonishing high. Companies now spend enormous amount of sums in social media marketing with an insatiable demand for content. The trend has led to diminishing status of TV advertising as more companies prefer online advertisements. Along with this there are a few factors influencing this paradigm shift.

Notable Trends and fore-coming changes:

  • Paid Social Media Reach:
    • The organic reach is extremely hard to obtain and takes a lot of time and strategies and usually are miserable.
    • Platforms like Facebook are now developing a new explore feed exclusively directed to company updates and advertisements. Despite the ongoing Congress investigation, Facebook has reported its highest ever quarter earnings and charge the highest.
    • With Facebook becoming a paid commercial platform with high rates, small companies with low budget often are the brunt.
    • To obtain more reach to platforms of giant user-base, tools like offer paid services to gain more followers, fans or views across platforms at minimum charge, which helps newer companies to gain raw audience.
  • Videos:
    • Another trend of the future is to have short videos as adverts. Live and recorded video are dominating the feeds across platforms and businesses are switching to implement videos.
    • These videos have to be tracked down and analytics have to be taken into account as views don’t convey the actual story.
    • What’s the worth of having tons of fans or followers without much activity on posts and likes? Thanks to, companies can now get paid social media post likes, plays, views and shares along with comments.
  • Integration:
    • Companies are on rapid acquisitions of emerging trending platforms and integrate their services to boost the user base and offer more services.
    • This is a win-win situation for both the customers as they are able to access multiple services on a single tap and for companies to increase their revenue.
    • Another way is using of QR Codes to activate services and access websites or use for merchant payment, is the way forward.
  • AI Based Marketing:
    • AI technology has been developed to understand the trend of optimal time to post content and what relative content to be uploaded.
    • Expect to see AI to play more dominating role in marketing, mobilisation and sharing of instant messages across millions of users with automation.

Thus conceived, social media has travelled a long journey to become the most prominent marketing tool of all time.

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