What to Look for In A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or some loved one needs a criminal defense attorney, you would be wondering what qualities to consider when looking for one. Choosing the correct criminal defense attorney may be tough. You need to be able to find a reputable attorney that you can properly trust.

It would help if you had them to help you and not cause more issues. There are some things to keep in mind when finding an attorney. Read on to find out more.

Do You Require Some Defense Attorney?

Start by asking yourself this question. You should know that if you face some criminal charge, even if this is regarded as some minor one, it is important to seek legal advice. You may decide not to hire an attorney to represent you in court; some consultation may help you understand the particular charges placed against you.

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The attorney is the one who should properly explain the defenses that are present to you, if you have a chance for some plea bargain, and the next steps that should occur if you were convicted.

You may be facing a serious charge; when this is the case, then it is recommended you have a good defense attorney who can represent you within the court. The charge may be a minor one; if so, consider consulting an attorney before the trial occurs.

If you want to determine the charge’s seriousness, then learn what kind of charge you are facing. There is a felony, which is regarded as being the most serious kind of crime. Felonies include things like murder and armed robbery.

There is a misdemeanor that is a less serious type of charge. An example includes shoplifting. Another type is infractions, and these are regarded as the least serious type of charge. Traffic violations are an example of this. Be sure you know the seriousness of your crime.

What Does A Defense Attorney Do?

You can research the role that a defense attorney has. Criminal defense attorneys are regarded as those attorneys who represent people who have been charged with some criminal conduct or even have some lawsuit that has been filed against them.

You can find attorneys who specialize in criminal or civil law. A person or company usually brings civil cases. And criminal charges are brought specifically by local, state, and federal governments.

You should know that the defense attorneys will help you with all legal problems related to your particular case. They will, for instance, identify the key pretrial issues.

The defense attorney will also issue motions that can improve the situation you are in or even dismiss the case.

The defense attorney will represent you in court if the case goes to trial. They should aim to see that you will get a fair trial with a positive outcome present for you.

Know About the Attorney’s History

It is a good idea to research whether the attorney has had any publicity. Check to see if they have had anything against them. It would help if you were sure that the lawyer is not someone shady who has had charges against them. What is your reaction to the advertising that is present to them? Also, note how many cases the attorney has handled which are similar to yours.

If they have handled many, then they probably will have experience and can help you out. Remember that years in practice, in fact, do not necessarily connect to years of experience. Find that lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours. Moreover, it is acquainted positively with the prosecutors, judges, and procedures present in your area.

Selecting One

When you have narrowed down your list, you may want to consider setting up a useful face-to-face meeting. You may be thinking that this will take time and you will need to go to their office.

It would help if you were willing to take out this time to choose the best lawyer to represent you. If the case is present that you have been arrested, then taken to jail on one night, then have the first court appearance on the next day, you can contact some lawyer over the phone or through video conferences like FaceTime or Skype if this is possible.

Many lawyers offer a useful free initial consultation. Remember to bring along with you a summary consisting of your case and details like when you got arrested, what the circumstances of the specific arrest were, what your charges are, and if anyone else was involved. You should bring along anything necessary and take full advantage of this free consultation.

This consultation should help you comprehend the charges, the things the prosecutor will need to prove or establish to find you guilty, viable defenses, key pretrial issues, the plea bargains that may be offered, and the possible consequences face.

It would help if you had a lawyer that will put in much time to learn about the case and even plan the defense. Therefore, if you are not happy with their analysis, this may signal you to look for some other attorney.

A lawyer may provide you with an idea of possible outcomes; they cannot promise you a certain result. If they do, then you may want to look at another lawyer. This is because the result is not able to be guaranteed beforehand.

Another important point to consider is cost. These are often based upon the case’s complexity. You should know the complete charges so that you do not get stuck up not paying. Ask them of any charges that you may even need to pay later on.

The above are some things that you should consider when you are finding a criminal defense attorney. There are also other things to consider. It would help if you were very careful when selecting an attorney. Be sure that they are reputable and have successfully handled cases like yours. Their experience is something that counts.

Know What Type of Attorney You Need

It is important to determine if you will need some state or federal attorney. When you have broken a certain state law, you should hire an attorney specializing in state law. Cases of state law are traffic violations, broken contracts, family disputes, robberies, and more.

Federal cases involve violations of your country’s constitution, cases where your country is a party, patent cases, bankruptcy cases, and copyright cases.

Where to Look for A Defense Attorney

If you are getting investigated for some crime or have already gotten charged, you will need to have a good criminal defense lawyer who can fight properly. You should know where to look for a lawyer like this.

You can begin by asking individuals that you trust for some referrals, such as friends, family members, and non-criminal defense attorneys you may know. The benefit of asking these people is that they tend to be a great resource as they have experience working with this type of lawyer.

You can even ask them questions concerning their suggestions like if the attorney came on time for appointments, were they reasonably available to answer any questions. Ask them if they were organized.

If you feel uncomfortable with sharing personal details, particularly with acquaintances, you may anonymously visit different websites online. You can check the official websites of lawyers in your country and see if there are any that you prefer.

Look for valid reviews. You may also want to check out the qualifications of the lawyer. You can save the complete details of the potential lawyers so that you will not have to visit the website to look for contact details continuously.

For instance, you can search for an Orange County Criminal Attorney if you stay in this area. The information you can note can be something like:


  • “Darwish Criminal Defense Attorney
  • 2107 N. Broadway
  • Suite 308
  • Santa Ana, CA 92706
  • 714-887-4810

You should use reputable sources to locate good attorneys. It would be best if you found someone experienced. If you want, you can visit the local library to see the different resources they can help you out.

When it comes to lawyers, they tend to be members of professional organizations usually. Some cities may have useful criminal defense lawyer organizations. You can call the organization that is nearest to you. Some organizations have online directories or even provide referral services.

If you regularly are involved in working with some lawyer or maybe law office through the job you have, this lawyer may be able to recommend a good defense attorney effectively. Be sure you trust this lawyer to give you an honest opinion.

You can make a list with the lawyers’ names, contact details, qualifications, fees, etc. Make this list easy to read not to become confused later on when you need to consult it.

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