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Jacksonville is a place where the crime rate is a lot high than anywhere else in Florida, and due to that, a lot of innocents also get charged with a crime due to the hustle going on there all the time. Some then have to spend the rest of their lives living in guilt for the crimes they did not commit, and others make a smart move by hiring the best Jacksonville Criminal Attorney in town.

Attorney Profiles | Jacksonville Criminal Defense

Here is a list of 5 criminal attorneys who are good at what they do.

  1. Harris Guidi Rosner, P.A.
  2. Charles L. Truncale
  3. Arnold Law
  4. Epstein and Robbins
  5. Mitchell A. Stone, P.A.

They all have a great past where they have fought for the rights of innocents and got successful.

Charles L. Truncale

Charles L. Truncale is a firm that works throughout Florida and Georgia in full ranges of federal and state criminal charges. He is an experienced lawyer who uses knowledgeable strategies and protects one’s rights to minimize all kinds of impacts of any criminal charges on their lives.

Mr. Truncale has already worked as a prosecutor and does understand their strategies on which they build their cases, and has learned to spot their weaknesses. He believes in achieving the best outcome by any means necessary.

He is the one you can rely upon when charged with crimes that you did not commit. He covers a large area:

  1. Drug crimes
  2. Motor vehicle felonies
  3. Asset forfeiture
  4. DUI defense
  5. White-collar crimes
  6. Violent crimes

He offers free consultancy at his firm.

He has many notable cases in which he has proved himself and why he is the best lawyer, and his firm is the best to head to whenever you need.

He prevailed the particular rights of a worker who was falsely accused of hacking into the system and doing great damage to a huge domestic corporation’s computer systems. He then pointed out how weak the case was, and there was no strong evidence against his client, and his client was then free to walk away from it without any criminal charges on him.

Another example is when he proved that his client, who was charged with second-degree murder, was actually innocent and didn’t commit any murder but was attacked at gunpoint, and he was then set free but then was again charged.

As he had overstayed his visitor’s visa away from his homeland of Jamaica and could have at least cost him several months of incarceration, but Mr. Truncale again stepped in and resolved all the issues. His client was then able to return two days after the jury declared him not guilty of the murder.

Their address is:

233 E Bay St #926, Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA

Arnold Law

Arnold’s law is dedicated to fighting for your family, their right, or to the ones who were your family before. They have been providing their services for over four decades now at Clay, Duval, and St. Johns counties. They do their best to help you the most by considering all your situations and keeping your future expectations in mind.

They handle almost all types of cases:

  • Battery
  • Guardianship
  • Drug Offenses
  • Child support
  • Divorce – contested and uncontested
  • Adoptions
  • Expungements
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Personal injury
  • Sex crimes
  • Medical malpractice
  • Name changes
  • Violation of probation
  • Time-sharing
  • Estate planning
  • Home Purchases
  • Workers compensation
  • Probate and estates
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Theft
  • Modification of timesharing agreements
  • Domestic violence injunctions

Jim Arnold is an attorney of this firm who has been offering his services for the last 35 years to the people of Green Cove Springs. His idea of life is to help others and contribute to the community, and for that, he serves in the best way he can. He has almost 40 years of legal experience by now to which he puts into good use. To be more particular about his work, he has won many personal injury settlements and experienced thousands of divorce cases.

Epstein and Robbins

They have been serving people at the law office Epstein and Robbins for the last 40 years, and the heart of their practice is DUI. They have been practicing humans’ rights throughout North Florida, who has been falsely accused of crimes, drunk driving, and traffic violations.

Their main goal is to provide rights to every person who has been falsely accused of some crime and minimizing the harm that a criminal conviction can do.

Florida’s DUI laws are some of the toughest throughout the nation, and fighting them is something that takes an experienced lawyer. They have shown brilliant records in their history by saving the driver’s license of their clients and preserving their driving record.

David Robbinson, the lead attorney at this firm, has a state-wide reputation for his effective defense strategies. He is invited to different seminars as he teaches the other lawyers how to handle these cases effectively to minimize any harm.

Giving in without taking a chance to fight against the charge is something that can affect your reputation greatly, and you will have a criminal record forever. It is a must to at least try to fight against the accused charges.

For example, if you’re convicted in a drunk driving case, it will leave a prominent mark on your criminal record, and one should not plead too guilty directly, at least not before talking consulting to a lawyer, and their consultancies are free.

At Epstein and Robbins, they fight against the cases like:

  1. Drug crimes
  2. Theft crimes
  3. Criminal traffic violation
  4. Assault and violent crimes
  5. Bond hearings

Their address is:

Epstein & Robbins

  • 1125 Blackstone Building
  • 233 E Bay Street, Suite 1125
  • Jacksonville, FL 32202

Mitchell A. Stone, P.A

Mitch Stone is a criminal trial lawyer with 30 years of experience in criminal courts and has helped remove many high-profile clients’ false charges. He has experience in murder charges, financial crimes, drug crimes, DUI, and corruption charges. His experience speaks for him, and he is the one you can always count on.

This firm handles criminal cases regarding:

  • Criminal law
  • DUI and moving violations
  • Sex Offenses
  • Tips for those arrested
  • Drug crimes
  • Cryptocurrency issues
  • Fraud and white-collar crime
  • Violent crimes and weapon charges

They focus on making the prosecution weak and try do not to believe in losing. They hold the prosecutors, courts, and police accountable for your rights, and they challenge the evidence provided in the case. They burden the other side enough that they seem to lose hope themselves, and the results are almost every time in favor of their clients.

Their consultancies are free, and put they commit to putting all of their energy into your case, so you don’t have to suffer through a lot or pay a lot for what has been held charges against you.

Their experience promises you that you will not have to pay a lot for any related case and might even be able to walk out free.

Their address is:

Jacksonville Office

  • 1830 Atlantic Boulevard
  • Jacksonville, FL 32207
  • Harris Guidi Rosner, P.A.

This place is very well known for some real results and has a great reputation. They are professionals who handle care situations by keeping your story in their mind and preventing all future concerns. Their attorneys are available at service 24/7.

The main areas that they cover are:

  1. Personal injury

Whether in an accident or intentionally, if someone does some permanent damage to your body or causes you some physical pain for a span of time, it is something they will then have to pay for. They have a record of receiving millions of dollars on behalf of personal injury victims.

1. Criminal defense:

A chance to explain or present its point is something that every person who has been charged with a crime deserves. They work their best and have already handled thousands of such cases in both state and federal courts.

2. Family law:

Family issues are already the worst kind of issues anyone can have and can affect a person mentally and financially. They take good care of these relations and assist their clients with everything ranging from divorce to custody disputes and adoptions.

3. Consumer Protection:

“A broken promise is worse than a broken home,” Once said a Greek philosopher. And there is nothing more disappointing or disturbing than when one breaks a legalized promise. They help people over these issues by guarding their rights upon disputes over insurance, contracts, collections, and many more.

4. Business law:

  • They handle all kinds of business disputes, litigations, and transactions.
  • They also do offer free consultancy regarding any area of practice.

Their notable attorneys are:

  1. Guidi, Dennis E.
  2. Rosner, Alan E.
  3. Harris, Robert M.

Office information:


  • “Long Beach DUI Attorney
  •  3780 Kilroy Airport Way Suite 200
  •  Long Beach, CA 90806
  •  562-206-2012
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